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Redskins Bye Week Offseason Discussion - Which Direction Should the Team Go in 2020?

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It always sucks to discuss the next offseason this early into a current football season, but for our beloved Redskins, this season was long over before it really started - so, you can say this discussion is about 6 weeks too late!

Fire Bruce Allen:

This has to happen. Whether he’s fired, or leaves on his own terms, Snyder needs to rid the organization of this parasite. he’s been an incompetent piece of shit his entire tenure with the team, but the latest spat with All-Pro tackle Trent Williams HAS to be the last straw.

Now, I know some of you think Dan is incapable of firing his drinking buddy and top Yes-Man, but I think Bruce leaving has been in the works for some time now. The man sold his mansion in Virginia and already has one foot out the door. Now, someone just needs to make sure that door is pushed closed and locked behind him.

Hey Bruce...we HOPE that door hits you in the ass on the way out!

The Bridge Has Been Burned:

Trent Williams ended his holdout recently and also ended his silence. But, it’s been reported he only chose to speak up because Bruce Allen engaged in a “smear campaign” aimed at tarnishing the tackle’s reputation. In several recent interviews, Trent has said his relationship with the Redskins is beyond repair, and he lobbed hand grenades DIRECTLY at Bruce Allen.

Some think if Bruce is ousted, that there is a chance Dan can entice the 31 year old veteran to stay, but his most recent comments about bridges being burned have all but squashed those chances.

If Trent is indeed traded next offseason, the Redskins will need to find his replacement, and that player will most likely come from a 2020 draft pick. Thankfully, there are some really solid options that can be had in the 2020 draft with a top 10 pick(which it looks like the Redskins will certainly have).

The biggest question remains what will the Redskins be able to get in return for Trent Williams prior to the 2020 NFL Draft? I have maintained that a first round pick is what we should receive, but teams may not be willing to part with such valuable draft capital for a player who is 31 and has a recent and rather significant injury history. What is going in the Skins favor is that Williams will have had a year and a half away from the game, so his body should be somewhat healthy when 2020 training camps begin.

The Chase Young Discussion:

Redskins fans have become enamored with the thought of Ohio State stud edge defender Chase Young being drafted with a high pick in the 2020 NFL draft. I have maintained that for as good as I believe Young is, he would represent a luxury pick for this team, who will have three edge rushers under contract in 2020(one of whom was a 2019 first round selection).

With so many glaring needs on the team, and currently just one high draft pick to try and fill them, the Redskins would be wise, if they are picking in the top 5 and Young, or one of the top quarterbacks are on the board, to trade back and acquire more picks. Moving within the top 10 could net the Redskins a second round pick(which they traded away in 2019), plus additional mid-round picks - maybe even a first in 2021. If they moved outside the top 10, and obviously depending on the team they traded back with and how far up that team needed to move, we could be looking at multiple high picks both this year and next for the right to choose Young or one of the top two quarterbacks.

2020 Team Needs:

Top Needs

Left Tackle - A replacement for Trent Williams should be the top need on this team.

Cornerback - Norman will not be a Redskins come 2020.

Tight End - I think Jordan Reed retires after this season. Regardless, the Skins have no TE’s.

Wide Receiver - A compliment to Terry McLaurin is a big need.

Secondary Needs

Right Tackle - Moses has been a disappointment the last two seasons.

EDGE - Kerrigan’s replacement needs to be found eventually.

Safety - A true high-level free safety would be helpful on the back end

Linebacker - This will hinge on how Reuben Foster comes back from knee surgery.

2020 Free Agency

With contracts like Josh Norman, Jordan Reed and Trent Williams likely coming off the books in 2020, I estimate the Redskins will be roughly $80 million under the salary cap next offseason. Add in the insurance policy that kicks in for Alex Smith’s injury, and that should put the Skins over $90 million under.

Let’s just assume that $90 million is the working number we will have for 2020.

Player’s who should be re-signed:

Brandon Scherff - Pay him...Pay that man his money.

Ereck Flowers - He’s proved all his doubters wrong, and the Redskins would be wise to offer the 25 year old guard a contract extension before he has the chance to hit free agency.

Potential Free Agent Targets:

Byron Jones(27) CB Cowboys

Ronald Darby(26) CB Eagles

Bud Dupree(27) EDGE Steelers

Jadeveon Clowney(27) EDGE Seahawks

Vic Beasley(28) EDGE Falcons

Shaq Lawson(26) EDGE Bills

Shaquil Barrett(27) EDGE Buccaneers

Germain Ifedi(26) RT Seahawks

Jack Conklin(26) RT Titans

Austin Hooper(25) TE Falcons

2020 NFL Draft Targets:

RD 1(Trade-Back inside top 10)

Andrew Thomas OT Georgia

Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama

Jeff Okudah CB Ohio St

Grant Delpit S LSU

RD 1(Trade-Back outside top 10)

Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa

CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma

CJ Henderson CB Florida

Henry Ruggs III WR Alabama

Paulson Adebo CB Stanford

Kristian Fulton CB LSU

My Offseason Plan:


Brandon Scherff - 4 years, $58 million

Ereck Flowers - 3 years, $20 million

Key Free Agent Signings

Byron Jones - 4 years, $60 million

Bud Dupree - 4 years, $52 million

Jack Conklin - 4 years, $36 million

Austin Hooper - 3 years, $18 million

2020 NFL Draft(Top 3 Rounds)

*Redskins(pick 3) trade back with Falcons(pick 6) - acquire pick 6, and 2020 2nd and 3rd round picks.

RD 1(pick 6 from Falcons): Andrew Thomas OT Georgia

RD2(from Falcons): Jared Pinkney TE Vanderbilt

RD3: Donovan Peoples-Jones WR Michigan

RD3(from Falcons): Damon Arnette CB Ohio St.