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The evaluation period for Kevin O’Connell begins as the Redskins fear letting another good one get away

Sean McVay effect in full effect

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The buzz about Sean McVay started early from local reporters who cover the Redskins. He was a boy genius destined for great things. Everyone expected him to eventually get a head coaching job in the NFL, but most people didn’t think it would happen as soon as it did. He proved his early cheerleaders were on to something when he led the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl last season.

McVay is part of a list of current head coaches that are considered young offensive-minded geniuses that used to be on the Washington Redskins coaching staff. All of them coached under Mike Shanahan. Kyle Shanahan got his first HC job with the San Francisco 49ers and is finally winning. Matt Lefleur just depants the Cowboys yesterday.

The Redskins have another young coach that is getting talked up as the next big thing. Kevin O’Connell is entering his 5th year of coaching at any level, and many people want him to get a shot to be the Redskins next head coach. That won’t happen quite yet with Bill Callahan being named the interim Head Coach after Jay Gruden was fired at 5am this morning.

Washington does want to evaluate O’Connell as he continues to be the team’s Offensive Coordinator. It is assumed that he will be given more playcalling responsibilities, but Callahan reportedly also wants to run the ball more. O’Connell was the Redskins Passing Game Coordinator/QB Coach last season before taking Matt Cavanaugh’s job. He has been helping Gruden gameplan, and is a big fan of RPOs in an offense. Does O’Connell get his shot to prove himself this year, will he shine enough to win the job next year?

One of the biggest questions now will be how soon do the Redskins turn to rookie Dwayne Haskins Jr. as their starter? There have been many reports since the draft that the QB pick was favored by Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen, but not the “football people’’. Snyder and Allen are still here and Gruden, who reportedly was against the pick, is now gone. If Haskins is thrust into the starting role, his development will ultimately reflect on O’Connell, whether that’s fair to him or not. Haskins is the future for now, and he has the support of the people that make the decisions. Time to shine KOC.


Should Kevin O’Connell be the Redskins Head Coach in 2020?

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