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Redskins Rumors: Browns would have traded a 1st for Trent Williams weeks ago, Pissed at Bruce Allen for refusing to deal


Washington redskins play the Tennessee Titians Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

UPDATE: Redskins will use 2 week roster exemption for Williams:

Bruce Allen is not a very respected person in the NFL for many reasons. Some people love him for the deals he hands out(a 3rd and Kendall Fuller for Alex Smith) and one loves him for the heat shield he provides(Dan Snyder). His record as GM/Team President of the Redskins shows someone who should have been fired a long time ago.

The Trent Williams holdout saga is the latest stain on Bruce Allen's record. Whether you agree with Williams' holdout or not, at a certain point it becomes clear to everyone that trading a player who refuses to play for you for a high pick becomes the best option for the team. That logic doesn't apply to Allen and Snyder.

All reports have indicated that the Redskins weren't even entertaining the idea of trading Williams until the day before the deadline. Even then their interest seemed more superficial than anything. This became personal between Williams and Allen very early on, and he made it clear that he would try to force Williams to sit this year, only to trade him in the offseason.

Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey was the most prominent suitor for Trent Williams. He reportedly called weekly about a trade, but famously said it takes two to tango. Bruce never put on his dancing shoes. The Browns were reportedly pissed at Allen's responses, and not very pleased when he started listening at the last minute. Charles Robinson reports that the Redskins could have received a 1st round pick from the Browns 6 weeks ago, but that deal wasn't there at the last minute.

Now we wait to see the next stage of the fight. Initial reports said Williams reported before the trade deadline. The Washington Post reported this morning that Williams waited until after the deadline to report. If he reported after, the team can contest his ability to accrue a year. The Redskins would have to request a reinstatement from the NFL Commissioner. He took and passed his physical this morning. He will reportedly still not play for the team even though he reported.

What a mess.