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What Are the Chances That Trent Williams and the Redskins Can Reconcile Their Differences?

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Trent Williams and the Redskins are “dating” again. They were once a happily married couple, but then one side cheated on the other resulting in a separation. Now that couple is back together but according to “sources” not sleeping in the same bed.

Did Trent come back due to the kids, and once they are off of college, he’s on his way out again, or can the team and he mend fences and re-kindle that fire they once had?

According to former Redskin DeAngelo Hall, this was the plan all along - for Trent to report to the team before week 10 to get that accrued season. Hall went on to say that Trent had some “philosophical differences” with the team and wanted to be traded. Once the trade deadline passed and a trade wasn’t worked out, William’s motto was - If we can’t agree, it’s fine, I’ll report, do what I have to do, but still want to be traded come 2020.

Now, the “do what I have to do” part is still up for wide interpretation. JP Finlay reported last evening that sources told him that Trent has no intentions of playing this season.

But what if by some miracle the sides CAN come to some agreement - whether it’s monetary, a change in the medical staff, or both?

Is it worth it for the Redskins to meet Trent’s demands, both on the field and off, while extending his contract another 2 years making him the highest paid left tackle in football?

The Redskins are projected to have quite a bit of salary cap room in 2020, especially if guys like Josh Norman and Jordan Reed are off the books. They are also in desperate need of playmakers for Dwayne Haskins and some young help on the back end of the defense. By keeping one of their own, they can focus that high draft pick(likely top 5) elsewhere, maybe landing an impact player like Chase Young or Jerry Judy instead of worrying about finding a replacement for Williams at left tackle.

The Scenario:

- Mend the fences on the back-end - with the medical staff if necessary

- Give Trent a contract extension through the 2022 season

3 years, 50 million, with 42 million fully guaranteed

*Trent would be 34 when his contract ends - he’d still be younger than Joe Staley(35), Nate Soldier(31), Riley Reiff(31), and Duane Brown(34) when their current contracts end in 2022.

For those saying that $16.5 million/season for an oft injured 31 year old left tackle is too much, I have two things:

1)Any team trading for Williams will give him a new contract, so he’s going to get paid somewhere.

2)The average age for the top 15 highest paid left tackles in the NFL today is 30.33 years of age, and of those 15, 10 are signed through at least 2022.

2020 NFL Draft:

RD1, Pick 3: Trade with Falcons(Falcons select Chase Young)

*Redskins receive Falcons 2020 1st(number 5 overall), 2020 2nd, 2020 4th and 2021 1st.

RD 1: Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama

RD 2: Bryce Hall CB Virginia

RD 3: Albert Okwuegbunam TE Missouri

RD 3: Jack Driscoll OT Auburn


Should the Redskins extend the contract of Trent Williams making him the highest paid LT in the NFL?

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