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Trent Williams reports to the Redskins, the holdout is over

Your move Bruce

Washington Redskins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

UPDATE: Trent Williams reported before the deadline. He gets his accrued season

And just like that the Trent Williams holdout has ended. The NFL’s trade deadline came and went and the Redskins weren’t able to get a deal done to move the Pro Bowl Left Tackle. Williams has now returned to the team, likely expecting to accrue a season, and get closer to free agency.

Dan Graziano says that might not be the way things go down. Since Williams was still holding out when the deadline passed, the Redskins will have to request that he be reinstated by Roger Goodell. There have been reports that Williams still has to recover from previous injuries. It makes zero sense for Bruce Allen to ask for reinstatement at this point, which likely means Williams sits out the rest of the year. The Redskins will then begin the trade dance again next year with 2 years left on Williams’ contract.

Ian Rapoport reports that Williams contract won’t toll, and he will begingetting paid for this season. This contradicts Graziano’s report, and we will have to wait for more details about what will actually happen now that Williams is back.

We need more details!

$$$ Details

More drama coming?

Pay but no play