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Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Winning Solves Everything, A Conversation With Niners Nation

Oscar Aparacio of the Better Rivals Podcast joins the Porkcast to reflect on the Redskins-Niners week 7 slop-fest 

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NFL: OCT 20 49ers at Redskins Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

While the Redskins took on the Vikings on Thursday night, the Porkcast crew was welcomed by a special guest to dissect the prior week’s performance, a sloppy, messy, mud-fest defeat of the Washington at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers. Oscar Aparicio of the Better Rivals podcast from Niners Nation shared his reflections on the contest and some insights on how the season has gone thus far for a squad that others may have slept on.

Ever the gracious guest, Oscar called out some the highlights of the Redskins’ performance and offered an outsider’s perspective on the bright spots for the team, namely why Matt Ioannidis is underrated even by our own standards.

We offered up a hypothesis, that these two squads are not all that dissimilar: with young(ish) disliked owners, stadia far geographically removed from their downtown locales, and with a wealth of history and success that seems increasingly distant in retrospect. Oscar, however, offered his thoughts on why despite these similarities the 49ers are better positioned for the future, and what the Redskins need to do to get back to a winning culture that can remove the bad taste from the fan base's collective mouths.

Finally, Oscar makes his case to the Porkcast for why we should hop on the Niners bandwagon for the second half of the 2019 season.

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