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With 2 minutes left on the Doomsday Clock, the Redskins are listening to trade offers for Trent Williams


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Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

UPDATE: The Redskins are telling teams they have a 2nd round pick on the table, but want a 1st for Trent Williams

The NFL's trade deadline is tomorrow at 4pm, and up until today the story has been the Redskins aren't trading disgruntled LT Trent Williams. There have been multiple reports covering the reasons for Williams holdout, and the teams that are interested in acquiring him.

Today Ben Standig reported that Williams could likely be had for a 1st round pick. Noting that team President Bruce Allen is stubborn, and wouldn't move off of his target compensation. This contradicts recent reports that Williams wouldn't be traded until the offseason. Did someone finally tell Bruce that Trent could report after the trade deadline and still accrue a year?

There is another element: Allen’s level of stubbornness. According to sources including those close to the situation, it’s not that Allen opposes trading Williams. It’s that he’s set the price and won’t budge.

“Knowing Bruce, when he digs his heels in, they’re in cement,” an NFL general manager told The Athletic. “Unless (Bruce) gets exactly what he wants, he won’t move Trent.”

What does Allen want? A first-round pick or a good player along with a pick, according to a league source familiar with Allen’s approach.

Ian Rapoport joined in by reporting that the Redskins have begun the process of looking at potential suitors. He mentions the Browns, who have reportedly been calling regularly about trading for Trent Williams.

JP Finlay also reports that the Redskins could want a playmaker in return for Williams