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A season of disappointment and doubt for NFC East fans in general, and Redskins fans in particular

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A season of disappointment for Redskins fans

There’s not much to say about the confidence of Redskins fans. After hovering at 2% for two weeks, it dropped in half to 1% following the Week 7 loss to the 49ers.

It’s reasonable to expect, I guess, that the confidence could drop back to 0% (it was at that level in Week 5) following the TNF loss to the Vikings.

There is one fanbase in the league whose confidence is lower than the Redskins. That group of fans follows the Atlanta team:

For perspective’s sake, the Falcons are even below Washington, a team that just got beat 9-0 in the muck, recently fired its head coach (oops), and has both less talent on the roster and a less functional executive team running things.

A season of doubt for NFC East rivals

Within our own division, confidence levels have been up and down, with no fan base feeling really good about their favorite franchise. Not surprisingly, the confidence level is closely aligned with the win-loss record of each team.

Blogging the Boys published an article this week that looked, not only at the confidence level of Cowboys fans, but the confidence of Bleeding Green Nation readers as well. It was titled, Philadelphia fans are at record-low confidence in the Eagles after getting destroyed by Cowboys:

Dropping 37 points on Doug Pederson’s squad after he effectively guaranteed a win against the Cowboys is indeed quite satisfying. It’s no wonder that Cowboys fans have bounced back in the confidence department,

Cowboys fans are at 57% confidence which is the highest they’ve been since the 65% mark they had following the Week 4 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The wonderful thing about FanPulse is that SB Nation polls every single fan base. This means that we can see and analyze how other fans are feeling about the state of their team. Just as an example there is literally a 0% confidence in the Atlanta Falcons from fans at The Falcholic. Washington was at 0% just three weeks ago as well.

While they haven’t dropped a goose egg quite yet (although their team just about did) Eagles fans are preeeeeetty down on the team that they spent all offseason telling us was unstoppable. They have plummeted to a 7% confidence level which is the lowest on record for those that have made the wrong choice in life to root for the team in the City of Brotherly Love.

Eagles fans, who expected to dominate the NFC East and win a superbowl this season, are really struggling to come to terms with the possibility that Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson may not be geniuses after all.

The Giants fans, whose team actually is a full game behind Philly in the standings, are actually more confident, perhaps due to lower expectations to start the season, and a generally good feeling about the longer-term outlook for the team.

Last week, confidence sat at 66 percent among FanPulse participants. That’s a precipitous drop of 42 percent after the Giants fell to 2-5 by losing a game at home in which they were the favored team.

Giants fans remain relatively confident in comparison to their NFC East brethren. While 57 percent of voters at Blogging the Boys are confident in the Dallas Cowboys, only 7 percent of Bleeding Green Nation voters have confidence in the Philadelphia Eagles and only 1 percent of voters at Hogs Haven are showing confidence in the Washington Redskins.

The division as a whole is struggling through the early part of the 2019 season, with Dallas and Philly picking up wins only against weaker teams, while the Giants and Redskins are clearly numbered among those weaker teams.

Within the conference, only the Cowboys have a positive net points total or a winning record. Amazingly, only 3 games separate the three teams, though, of course, the Redskins have racked up losses to all their division opponents and appear incapable of beating any team remaining on the schedule aside from, possibly, the NY Jets.

If you’d like to add your voice to that of other Redskins fans via the FanPulse weekly surveys, simply click here to sign up. We want to hear your opinions!