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Report: Trent Williams plans to report to the Redskins before Week 10

Bruce vs Trent continues

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The NFL trade deadline is now four days away on Tuesday, October 29th at 4pm. If the Redskins can't/won't trade Trent Williams by then he will be stuck here until the offseason. Bruce Allen has told Ian Rapoport and others that he won't consider trading Williams until after the season is over.

Rapoport mentions the Browns as a team that has been inquiring about a trade for Williams. This has been reported before, but Rapoport adds that the Redskins haven't received any offers that have blown the doors off. He did leave the door open for the Redskins to receive an offer they can't refuse in the next few days, however unlikely that may be to happen.

Rapoport also discussed Trent Williams plans for the rest of the season:

“From my uderstanding the tentative plan for Trent Williams is to show up before Week 10 when he has to show up to get an accrued season. He still may not play for them, as he has to nurse himself back to full health, of course. But at the very least, that is his tentative plan.”

If Trent reports after the trade deadline, but before the deadline for him to accrue a season he gets a small win over Bruce Allen. Rapoport also says that Williams needs to get fully healthy, so there would be a good chance he won't play the remainder of the season.

This would put the Redskins in the same situation they were in this offseason with Williams. But he would be one year older, and only have one year left on his contract when they try to trade him.