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Redskins Rumors: If Bruce Allen won’t pick up the phone to trade Trent Williams, the Browns could go shopping for a LT in the NFC East


NFL Washington Redskins vs Cleveland Browns Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Trent Williams holdout saga continues for another week, and if you believe the latest reports it will go all the way into the offseason. We are 6 days away from the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday October 29th at 4pm, and nothing has changed since this mess started in June.

The latest rumors had the Cleveland Browns as the most interested team for a Trent Williams trade. GM John Dorsey has reportedly been calling Bruce Allen every week to try to get a trade done for the Pro Bowl LT. He said it takes two to tango, and Bruce doesn’t own a pair of dancing shoes.

Multiple reports have come out in the last day that say Dorsey is set on getting some help at tackle help for 2nd-year QB Baker Mayfield. If Dorsey can’t convince Bruce Allen to get over his petty hold on Williams, he’s got to move on to other options. Two teams mentioned as possible trade partners are very familiar to Redskins fans. The Eagles and Giants could be getting calls very soon. Jason La Canfora lists Nate Solder as a possible trade target for Dorsey.

Trent Williams has lost millions of dollars in salary and fines so far, and it doesn’t look like he’s budging. If he doesn’t report to the team by Week 11, he will not be credited for this season and his contract will toll. This will keep his rights under Redskins control for two more years. Teams will then have the option to trade for a soon to be 32-year old LT who had a year off from football.

This situation has been a mess from the start, and Bruce Allen’s ego has prevented any resolution from happening. Whether you were for trading Trent early in the process, or you’re just tired of the drama, it’s time to move on and get something the team can use with their new Head Coach next season.

Bruce has built a career on failing while smiling and he thinks he will get the last laugh against Williams. The only laughter Redskins want right now is when #FireBruceAllen is the real breaking news on Hogs Haven’s banner


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