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Redskins Vs. 49ers Week 7 - Studs and Duds

NFL: Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In sloppy conditions Sunday that were fit for neither man nor beast, the Redskins walked off their home turf yet again as the loser. This is becoming all too common a theme at FedEx field, and until the “great culture” gets turned around, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Instead of berating a team who was over-matched, playing in real bad weather on an already poor field, let me take this moment to bash our ownership and front office BEFORE getting into the Studs and Duds of this game.

Dan Snyder should be embarrassed for the product he’s putting on the field for the fans, and the “experience” they have to SUFFER when they attend a home game! I heard from multiple people on Twitter after the game, that the “experience” was absolutely horrible - from parking, to credit card machines not working at the stadium. Many said they refused to return to any games at FedEx.

As for Bruce Allen...what a gigantic POS! I saw him posing with fans at the game, and I actually told one guy who posted a picture with him on Twitter that we would have chipped in to pay his fines and court costs if he’d punched Bruce square in the face! On a side tangent - why is Allen refusing to trade Trent Williams to NEEDY teams during the season? Is it out of pure SPITE!

Anyways; rant is over - on to the Studs and Duds of the game.


Matt Ioannidis - Ioannidis was all over the field reeking havoc against the 49ers on Sunday afternoon. He looks a bit like a throwback player, and the weather certainly played into his game Sunday. Matt had a team high 9 tackles with one being for a loss. He looked like a little kid in a candy store out there.

Troy Apke - Apke made the most of his defensive snaps after taking over for Montae Nicholson after he left the game, recording his first NFL interception and notching six tackles on the afternoon. He’s still got some work to do in the tackling department, but he’s starting to show a little bit more besides just special teams.


Brandon Scherff - Scherff was called for two holding penalties and did not look good blocking on the afternoon. It almost looks like he wants out of DC.

Morgan Moses - The sacks allowed, the penalties...this guy is getting paid good money and for what?

Paul Richardson Jr. - What exactly are we paying him for anyway?

Dustin Hopkins - Hopkins missed his only field goal attempt on the day. I get that the conditions were not great, but Robbie Gould made 3-4 on the afternoon kicking in the same mess. It sucks to get shut out and Hopkins was partially responsible for this happening.

Dan Snyder - For making the product almost unwatchable! Thanks for ruining everything that was once good about this team!

Bruce Allen - What a walking POS! Just LEAVE already! No one wants you here! Not only is your legacy now below a heaping pile of dung, but you’re starting to tarnish the family name! I’d gladly take Vinny Cerrato back over Bruce at this point - something I never thought I’d say!