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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Victory Monday is always going to be Victory Monday.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Happy Victory Monday, y’all! Despite the generally dismal theme in Redskins Nation these days, Victory Monday will always be Victory Monday. He can’t take that away from us. I have no intention of going overboard with a celebration of watched yesterday, but you would be crazy if I didn’t love the fact we won. How about a quick, reflective Sixpack that moves slightly away from the angst of recent weeks, without denying our reality?
  2. I can always appreciate recognizing where the potential good is or can be on the business end of a loss. For example, after the fact, if a loss moves up our spot in the draft, I can encounter some consolation there...sometimes...maybe. I want to be respectful of those who disagree with me, but I do not understand how any of us could ever root for our favorite team to lose. Even if the premise of that stance stems from a hatred of the steward himself, rooting against Jonathan Allen and Terry McLaurin and Brandon Scherff...??? Actively rooting for a sixth consecutive loss in a season where we have so many young players already seems like a plan that could really backfire. What happens if and when this current roster is completely poisoned?
  3. We’ve already lost a generation of fans. I don’t want to lose yet another generation/iteration of players. This terrible ride finally broke the best player on our team. Trent Williams ain’t coming out of that tunnel. We can’t afford to have this extremely youthful roster turn. Any form of rebuild relies on the Washington organization being able to harvest some success from this crop of players. There are actually some really good ones in town right now that could be part of a darned good team...the pieces!!!
  4. I say “any form of rebuild” because I honestly don’t know what kind of rebuild the Redskins are going to ultimately be serious about. After all, our biggest beef lies with the front office—inclusive of Dan Snyder—and they are the ones who will be making the decisions that matter the most. Whether they are picking first or fifteenth, I am pretty sure they have no idea what they are doing equally in both spots. That said, in both places, there will be MULTIPLE players available that can help our team win. That was true TWICE in the first round this past year. It remains to be seen if the Haskins pick will work out, but the results on Montez Sweat have been decent thus far.
  5. A true rebuild is what we are seeing in Miami. They are aggressively tanking, and I do tip my hat to them for their execution. Going for two on the last play of the game was as gutsy as it was transparent in its purpose. I mean...come on...the odds were in Washington’s favor on that play. Overtime was Miami’s best chance to win. It was a case of tanking without looking like you are tanking, and it was genius. As I said above, there is a part of me that envies the Dolphins fanbase because of the collection of draft picks and hope coming their way in future years. Though to be fair, there is no guarantee of anything more than hope.
  6. Besides...if we are ever serious about tanking, we are a year away from the player we should be wanting to tank I right?