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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario

A look at a possible Redskins mock draft.

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The last mock draft I did was solely based on Senior Bowl prospects. While that turned out fairly well, I wanted to do a mock that encompassed every prospect as a potential pick. For this mock I didn’t go in with a particular thought process in mind, and wanted to make selections based on how the draft played out. I used just the standard On the Clock, and didn’t incorporate any trade options.

You can follow along with the draft here!


-Right now I think three quarterbacks have separated themselves from the rest of the group in Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Kyler Murray. All three carry questions with them and involve a bit more risk than we’ve seen from recent first round QBs. While it’s quite possible that all three are off the board before the Redskins select, it’s also possible that they slide given their questions.

Lock has succeeded in the SEC with big passing yard and TD numbers, but his accuracy hasn’t been where you’d like it. In watching his games you see inconsistency throughout, with some incredible throws and then others that leave you scratching your head. That being said his arm talent is very high and he has the potential to be a true franchise QB. There are likely to be growing pains with him, but given where the Redskins are at with the position it’s something they can handle.


-If you are looking for a receiver who can give the Redskins a Tyreek Hill type of impact, Marquise Brown is the top option in this class. Brown is a dynamic receiver who can beat you vertically and has the quickness to turn short slants and screens into huge games. While he often gets compared to DeSean Jackson, I do see more Tyreek Hill or T.Y. Hilton in his game as I believe while undersized, he’s more than a deep threat.

Brown would be a major addition to the Redskins passing attack and would be a fantastic weapon to develop with your brand new QB.


-Though listed as a center and that is his primary position, Jenkins has the ability to play guard as well and I believe he could be a day one starter for the Redskins at LG. His center ability is a plus as well as he could move over if Rouiller was ever injured. Jenkins is better as a pass blocker, but he’s still very capable as a run blocker.


-Ximines has led ODU in sacks for four straight years tallying 33 in his career. He’s a long speed rusher off the edge, who has the upside to be a very good starter at the next level. He was a little one dimensional at the Senior Bowl (which is why I believe he’s more likely a 3rd RD prospect), and struggled to get off blocks when he didn’t win with his speed. I think he can contribute early on as a pass rush specialist who comes in on pass rushing situations. While he won’t replace Preston Smith entirely as a rookie, he can contribute a fair amount and develop into more down the road.


-Layne started his career at Michigan State as a receiver, but switched to the defensive side of the ball his freshman year. For the last two seasons Layne has been a full time starting corner for the Spartans. While he only has 3 career interceptions, he’s really strong in coverage and can match-up with bigger receivers given his 6’3” size.

He’s still developing some and could even fall back as a safety given his size and range. Layne is a solid mid-round pick for the Redskins, who has some future starting potential.


-Doss is a highly productive FCS receiver who is a good blend of size and speed. At 6’2” Doss has good size and shows decent leaping ability making him a quality big target and capable of jump ball situations. Doss shows the ability to attack vertically and gain separation deep. While we will need to see his speed at the Combine, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s in the high 4.4’s which is really good for his size.

The Redskins have only two WR spots locked up for next season with Josh Doctson and Paul Richardson at this time, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them double up at this spot in the draft.


-Udoh was a four year starter at Elon who never missed a game. He’s a big physical offensive tackle who is almost 6’6” and 330 lbs, and showed well both at the East West Game and the Senior Bowl. He’s raw with heavy feet, but the size and strength are real. While he’s been primarily a tackle some believe he may be a better guard at the next level. With the Redskins lacking offensive line depth, he’s a solid late round target.


Smith was a four year starter at USC and led the Trojans in tackles the past three years. He’s really strong in run defense capable of fighting off blocks and still making the play. His coverage ability is lacking as he figures to be a bit limited at the next level. As a day three pick I think he gives a decent bit of value as a back-up LB, who can contribute a lot on special teams as well.


I’m a bit indifferent with this draft class as it’s got more questions than I’d ideally like. While I don’t dislike the idea of drafting Lock, I do believe that like all the QBs in this class he’s more of a project. It could take 2-3 years before you really see him pay off. The same is true with most of the other picks who have high upside, but questions of will they reach it. Xmines and Layne have a lot of potential, but both are raw and might not develop as expected. Jenkins is clearly best at center, so while he can handle the guard position it’s not maximizing his strengths.

Despite that I do this this draft can produce three starters in Lock, Brown and Jenkins, with potentially a fourth or fifth if Xmines and Layne develop. That is pretty good haul, but obviously this class will live or die by just what type of starter Lock develops into.

What do you think? How would you change this draft? Do you think the Redskins should take Lock at 15 if they don’t have to trade up?