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Redskins Coaching Rumors: Ken Zampese interviewed for QB Coach, Kevin O'Connell being promoted?

Who will coach starter Colt McCoy next year?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins have reportedly interviewed Ken Zampese for their vacant QB Coaching job. Zampese has been coaching since 1990, and got his first job in the NFL as an offensive assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles. He turned another offensive assistant job with the St. Louis Rams two years later into a Wide Receivers job. In 2002 he was the Rams Passing Game Coordinator.

Then came the move that Redskins will be interested in(no, he didn't go to Tampa to coach). Zampese became the QB Coach for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003, and kept that job until he was promoted to Offensive Coordinator in 2016. That only lasted a year, and he then joined Hue Jackson's staff on the Cleveland Browns as their QB coach.

During his time on the Bengals coaching staff, he worked under Jay Gruden who was the Offensive Coordinator from 2011-13. Gruden knows him well, and the pair helped guide QB Andy Dalton's early years in the NFL together.

The Redskins obviously have a QB problem with the possiblity that Alex Smith will likely miss the 2019 season, and could be completelty done with football due to his broken leg. Signing or trading for a veteran QB is an option that will be considered this offseason, but the top options like Dalton will be expensive for a team paying a QB who can't play football $20+ million.

Is the Zampese interview a clue that the Redskins could be interested in Dalton, or just a coach reaching out to another coach he's comfortable working with? Probably the latter, but you never know with this team, and an owner who is desperate to make a splash move this year.

Alex Marvez reporting that the QB coaching job is open is news itself. Kevin O'Connell was Washington's QB coach for the last two seasons, and had the title of Passing Game Coordinator added as well last year. What does the QB coaching vacancy mean for O'Connell?

Kevin O'Connell was aparently the only coach sent to the Senior Bowl last week while Jay Gruden stayed behind to reorganize his coaching staff. That's not likely to happen if O'Connell was leaving the team. It's more likely that he will either continue as the team's Passing Game Coordinator while taking on more responsibilities, or he will replace Matt Cavanaugh as the Redskins Offensive Coordinator.

This guy is high, high, highly regarded, in the NFL, in college football. And I was told over the weekend -- and I’ve been told this a couple of times -- that Dan Snyder really knows how special this guy can be.”

”Do they make him, ultimately, the play-caller from the start and take that away from Jay to try and make Jay a better head coach and try to make the operation better, and give Kevin O’Connell the keys to essentially (help) determine a big part of the next layer of the franchise? I don’t know if they’re gonna actually do that, but that’s where it’s starting to head right now,” Russell continued.

The Redskins have let a lot of talented young offensive minds leave the building over the last 5 years for one reason or another. Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay, and Matt LeFluer have all become Head Coaches. Kevin O'Connell is the latest offensive coach who is being highly touted and could be poached if he isn't moved up. Moving him to OC and moving on from Matt Cavanaugh makes too much sense for a team that is usually lacking in logical moves.