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Is Chris Lindstrom the pro-ready option the Redskins need at left guard?

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

Louisville v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Chris Lindstrom, OG
School: Boston College | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Age: N/A
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 305lbs
Projected Draft Status: 2nd round
NFL Comparison: Cody Whitehair

College Statistics


Player Overview

Chris Lindstrom finished his senior season with the Eagles as 1st Team All-ACC and 3rd team All-American. He came in to Boston College as an undersized 3-star recruit, coming in as a 6’4” 235lb guard. He went on to start 9 games his freshman year at right guard, then became an anchor of the right side of the line for the next three years. Spent time at both guard and tackle his junior and senior seasons, but will look to play inside at the NFL level. Lindstrom has sound technique both in his footwork and hand placement. With no big flaws or red flags, he’s about as pro-ready as an interior lineman can be.


  • Technique, technique, technique. He’s proficient in both his footwork and hand placement. Both help him recover quickly when outmatched in either speed or strength. He can re-adjust his hands and sink his hips to stop a bull rush, or keep his hands engaged and feet moving to run off a speed rush. His technique is better suited for a power scheme than a zone.
  • Leverage. With that technique comes great use of leverage. This leads to an excellent push off the line in the run game.
  • Eyes. Great a dealing with what is in front of him while also keeping eyes on the second level and picking up blitzes.
  • Hands. Great hand placement and doesn’t hesitate to re-adjust to get better leverage.


  • Previous passing scheme. BC ran a lot of play action and roll outs and generally looked to move the pocket or get the ball out quickly. Tough to see how he’d do pass setting in a pocket and dealing with stunts.
  • Blocking in space. Is athletic in space, but can sometimes come in out of control and doesn’t take the best angels.
  • Demeanor. While he’s very technically proficient and is a good finisher, I didn’t see that edge or mean streak you’d like to see out of a dominating interior lineman.


2018 vs. Miami

2017 vs. Notre Dame

How He’d Fit on the Redskins

The Redskins need a solution for the gaping hole that is the left guard position on the line. Lindstrom is plug and play value that can be found in the second round. No big flaws or red flags, just a guy that is pro-ready to plug right in at left guard. His skill sets fit right in line with Jay Gruden’s schemes. The main issue we may run into is having more pressing needs this high in the draft, but I think it would be a mistake to pass up a guy like Lindstrom that could step in right away and fill what has been a huge need for years.