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Redskins QB Alex Smith at Wizards game sporting massive brace/external fixator

There is a long road to recovery ahead for Alex Smith

NFL: Houston Texans at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Smith’s, and the Redskins, season ended when he broke his tibia and fibula on November 18, 2018 against the Houston Texans. Smith immediately had surgery due to the severity of the injury(open fracture, spiral fracture). The injury was gruesome and his return for 2019, and possibly at all, immediately was a question mark.

There was virtually no news on Smith until reports surfaced that he was dealing with infections following the initial surgery, and had had multiple surgeries during his extended stay in the hospital. Smith had a plate removed due to infection, and there was more speculation and rumors about Smith’s recovery time. Would Alex Smith ever play football for the Washington Redskins, or anyone, again?

Smith was released from the hospital around December 16th, almost a month after the initial injury.

Now over a month after his release he is out in public at today’s Washington Wizards game wearing a huge brace/external fixator to secure his broken leg. Smith’s recovery is expected to take up to a year, and the entire 2019 season.

Here’s to hoping Alex’s recovery is going well!