Joe Gibbs For GM

I believe that Dan Synder has a high regard for Gibbs. In the Eagles game Doug Williams was coming thru a tunnel with Joe Gibbs to watch the game. I wonder what Doug said to Joe Gibbs about the Redskin fans being out number by Eagle fans. What does Dan Synder think about the former head coach coming to a Redskin home game, seeing all that sea of green in the stands. Wouldn't that be a great hire for the Redskins. I would only hire Joe Gibbs if Bruce Allen is either fired or removed completely from football operations. How would this hiring make the Redskin fans feel about Dan Synder than. I also wonder what Joe Gibbs had to say about what he saw concerning all the Eagle fans. Gibbs probably questioned what has happen to the fan base here in Washington. Him being the coach for those Super Bowl wining teams here.