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Dwayne Haskins looks to be the top QB. Could the QB desperate Redskins reach for the top?

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual - Washington v Ohio State Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Dwayne Haskins, QB
School: Ohio St | Conference: Big Ten
College Experience: Redshirt Sophomore | Age: 21
Height / Weight: 6-3 / 220 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 1st round
NFL Comparison: Alex Smith

College Statistics

Player Summary

Dwayne Haskins finished his 2018 season with the Buckeyes as Big Ten Champions and a Heisman Trophy Finalist. He set OSU and Big Ten records for most passing yards in a season (4,580) and passing TDs in a season (47). Haskins would probably be best suited to stay at Ohio State for another season, but with a weak QB class this year and Urban Meyer retiring, I think he’ll declare and end up being a first round selection. Haskins has natural abilities as a thrower. He works well in the pocket and when given time is accurate to all three levels down the field. The key words there is given time; Haskins is 2nd best in the nation with a passer rating of 134.4 when given a clean pocket. Because of his size, accuracy, and Urban Meyer tutelage, I’d compare him to Alex Smith, just with a bigger arm.


  • Accuracy, especially on intermediate throws. According to PFF, Haskins had a 77.9 adjusted completion percentage this season. He had an almost 6:1 touchdown to INT ratio, only throwing 8 interceptions on the season.
  • Mobility in the pocket. Showed a natural ability to slide in the pocket while maintaining vision down the field.
  • Arm strength. While he isn’t the most accurate passer in CFB down the field, I have yet to see a throw he cannot make when his mechanics are together.
  • Half-field processing. Excelled in the scheme and showed a quick ability to read half field defenses.


  • Inexperience. Haskins is young and generally untested, only starting 1 season for the Buckeyes.
  • Mechanics on deep throws. His footwork can be sloppy causing inconsistencies on deep throws.
  • Scheme. The con that always comes along with QBs who excel in a “system” is can they continue to excel in a more complex, pro-style offense that requires a full-field progressions rather than a single read down the field.
  • Pressure. He thrived under generally clean pocket conditions, but how will he handle the pass rush at the next level. Especially if he is a high draft choice and ends up on a squad with a less than stellar offensive line.


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Size: 9/10

Has prototypical size for an NFL QB. Is tall enough to see the field and thick enough to take a hit.

Accuracy: 9/10

Haskins was 5th in the nation this season with a 70.2% completion percentage. He can make all the throws when his mechanics are together. He was the 2nd most efficient passer in the nation with a clean pocket. However his mechanics can be sloppy at times, which I believe can be cleaned up.

Arm Strength: 13/15

You’ll hear a lot of people talk about Haskins as a natural arm talent. He can make all the throws, throw from different platforms, and can make up for lower body mechanical issues with his arm.

Mobility: 8.5/10

Haskins is different from some of the QBs Ohio State has had in the past. He is not a mobile quarterback, but a quarterback with mobility. Ability to feel pressure and slide in the pocket grew as the season went along. He can take off and run when he needs to, and isn’t shy of contact, but it’s not what he’s looking to do.

Processing Speed: 12/15

Haskins has shown to be very good at half field reads. He got better throughout the season in recognizing and looking off coverage. However, he was not asked to read a full field very often in Ohio State’s offense. This inexperience in reps and scheme could make for a steep learning curve at the next level.

Mechanics: 7/10

It is surprising to me how accurate Haskins is with how bad his mechanics are sometimes (which just goes to show what a natural arm talent he is). The good news is he shows the ability to put it all together at times, making it more likely a by product of inexperience. He has a tendency to not set his feet properly causing inaccuracies and problems with velocity especially on down field throws. His mechanics suffer against pressure as well, which is to be somewhat expected from such a young QB.

Leadership: 10/15

The sentiment throughout the season is that Haskins was growing into being a vocal leader. He has always been a lead by example guy, but is starting to come into his own as a vocal leader, which will be important if he is thrown into a starting role as a rookie.

Clutch: 11/15

Haskins excelled on the biggest stage he played in, putting up 396 yards and 6 touchdowns on then #4 Michigan. However he can be rattle by the rush. Ohio State’s schemes bailed him out of a few situations, so it is yet to be seen how he’ll handle that going forward.

Overall: 79.5/100

How He’d Fit on the Redskins

The Redskins are in obvious need for a QB. With Alex Smith’s uncertain future of playing again, the Redskins need to be thinking about a new QB going forward. Seeing how the Redskins will most likely be continuing with Jay Gruden for at least the near future, I think Haskins is a great fit. If Smith is able to come back, it would be an excellent situation for Haskins, as he could take a year or two and learn behind Smith. However even if Smith isn’t able to play (which seems like the likely scenario at this point), he could be a valuable resource for Haskins to learn from in the film room. In fact, the Redskins could even consider bringing back current starter Josh Johnson (to the dismay of San Diego Fleet fans), to go along with Haskins. It’s looking more and more likely that Haskins will the first QB to come off the board, especially with Justin Herbert returning for his senior year. I think it would be a huge mistake to try and reach for him, but if he does fall to the Redskins, they shouldn’t hesitate to take him.