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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Snow days are no time for sixpacks (more of a cocktail event).

News: Winter Storm Sean Dougherty-USA TODAY
  1. For those of you in the DC-region, I hope you have been able to enjoy the snow, in whatever way that works best for you. This particular snow wasn’t enough for me to build my whiskey igloo, but thankfully that meant it also wasn’t enough to cause a full day’s worth of shoveling. The real beauty was the the storm was just enough to cancel pretty much all plans on Sunday, leaving only football to to be watched! About that...
  2. I don’t care that people get miffed when I—and other Redskins fans—relish in losses suffered by our divisional foes in the postseason. Yes, I get that they made it to the playoffs and that we did not. Yes, I get that I would gladly sign up for the chance to have my day ruined by a playoff loss. That said, watching the Cowboys and Eagles lose this weekend really, really felt great. As much as I hated seeing them both win a week earlier (in dramatic fashion), it was just enough to make people think they had a chance to win this past weekend. (Actually, the Eagles...did have a chance?)
  3. I watched a ton of Planet Earth (in all of its forms: Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Planet Earth: Africa, and multiple seasons of these and others) over the snowy weekend. It is great family television. Time and time again, I found myself watching some animal hanging onto life by the tiniest of threads. From desperate marches to find water to endless hunts to ward off starvation, it is amazing how different species can find just enough to sustain themselves. Redskins fans are very much like those desperate species, looking high and low to find sustenance (yes, I know I’m talking about football here). I couldn’t help but see myself as that desperate animal over the weekend...successfully feeding the football fan inside of me with the missteps and failings of the Cowboys and Eagles. It won’t get me all the way to next September, but it got me through the weekend. If you think I’m exaggerating here, we have drastically different feeds coming to us. My Twitter feed and text chains were chock full of anti-Dallas and anti-Philly memes. In short, I was not alone. Our herd might be thinning...but we won’t suffer the same winter nightmare as the one we suffered last year when the Eagles were the last team standing.
  4. If only we could solve our ownership/leadership problem the way it gets solved in the wild...there would be some pretty legit challenges. I don’t see Steward Snyder as one who would successfully fight off all the up-and-comers that would be looking to lead our herd. And...maybe let’s call it quits on the Planet Earth theme today.
  5. By a show of hands, if you are terrible at your job—repeatedly and undeniably—how many of you are getting HUGE promotions? How many of you walk into work that day as a handful of competent professionals are being shown the door, making room for YOU to take THEIR jobs? I am starting to wonder if Dan Snyder believes the government shutdown means he has to send a bunch of people home without pay. After extremely reliable reporting that has revealed that Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are not exactly well-respected inside league circles, and on the heels of at least some current coaches feeling like this organization is not one they want to continue working for, Dan Snyder triple-stamped the double-stamp that is his relationship with Bruce. In this way, Dan Snyder knelt down and delivered his best uppercut to the groin of the entire Redskins fanbase. For all those who believe in their heart that Dan Snyder does desperately want to win, this was a real blow because...well, it is basically handing the keys to the whole operation to the guy who has done nothing but drive this car into every telephone pole he sees.
  6. Here is where I have a real problem going all the way to the dark side. Yes, keeping Bruce Allen is a colossal mistake, BUT there still is a solid contingent of young talent on the defensive side of the ball. There is still a chance that Alex Smith could come back and keep the team from eating a $51 million turd sandwich. There is a—slight—chance that less than 20 starters will end up on Injured Reserve next season. Derrius Guice is coming back, presumably after working out all offseason with Adrian Peterson. The Redskins aren’t that far off from being on the right side of the bouncing ball in November and December when it comes time to qualify for the playoffs. Assuming Doug Williams and his department can add the right player or two to the mix on offense this offseason, it is reasonable to think this team can be competitive next season in the NFC East. My bet is that we will be just good enough for Snyder to argue that Bruce isn’t the problem at all...because that is the kind of thing that is easy to predict for us Redskins fans. Just like those starving animals we spoke of above, I will gladly take wins and a better season even if it means having to listen to Snyder and Allen take credit for all of it.