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Bruce Allen is here to stay with the Redskins; Dan Snyder is laughing at the #FireBruceAllen movement


Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are laughing at the fans who thought posting #FireBruceAllen a million times on social media would do a damn thing. They do not care about dwindling interest and growing apathy from a surprisingly loyal fanbase. Snyder has been bleeding fans dry for 20 years now, and still has no idea how to run a professional football organization.


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Allen, originally hired late in the 2009 season to be a general manager for soon-to-be-hired Mike Shanahan, took over all operations of the franchise after Shanahan left following the 2013 season. In his time with the Redskins, Allen’s teams went to the playoffs two times — both first-round losses — and were 59-84-1.