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Redskins Week 1: Examining the focal points of the Arizona Cardinals Offense

The Redskins must find a way to prevent David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald from taking over in their week one match-up versus Arizona.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are not a loaded offense, but with the weapons, they have on that side of the unit that is a non-issue. David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are elite players at their respective positions, capable of playing multiple roles that benefit the offense. Johnson is not only an elite ball carrier with the strength and vision to be a threat on each handoff, but he is also a receiving threat who can catch out of the backfield and playing the slot receiver position for his team. Larry Fitzgerald can play both slot receiver and line up on the outside for the Cardinals, but is also a physical run blocker who can create lanes for Johnson and other running backs. With the right quarterback at the helm, these two players cause a great deal of concern.

The Cardinals have the right quarterback to start the season for them in Sam Bradford. Although Bradford has an extensive injury history throughout his career, he is still a competent and respectable quarterback. The Redskins have a history with Bradford since he joined the NFL in 2010. Overall, his record is not impressive against Washington, but statistically, he plays his best games against the team. Bradford has thrown his most yards (1,666 yards) against a team versus Washington, thrown his most touchdowns (11), and has one of his highest passer ratings (94.2 rating).

Bradford is a quarterback that relies on timing within an offense and rarely is inaccurate as a thrower in short distance. It is one of his greatest attributes. If Bradford is able to distribute the football to David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald consistently and without a struggle, the Arizona's offense does not need any other skilled player to step up for them.

The thing that has prevented Bradford from being successful against Washington in the win column over the years has been pressure. Although the Redskins have benefited Bradford statistically throughout his career, they also have created the biggest headaches gor him as a pocket passer. The Redskins have tsken Bradford down the most in his career with 23 sacks, six more sacks than the second highest team.

Led by Jonathan Allen and DaRon Payne, the front seven looks incredibly promising in their week one matchup against the Cardinals. The Redskins' defense has drastically improved up front since the last time Washington faced Bradford, and even in their 2017 matchup against the Cardinals. Though their secondary is questionable due to inexperience, their jobs can be made much easier with the pressure the Redskins will be able to provide against a relatively immobile quarterback in Bradford and an offensive line that has struggled for some time.