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Jay Gruden Redskins Presser: We didn't draft DaRon Payne to sit by me

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Jay Gruden answers questions from the media

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jay answered a few questions from the media the day after the Redskins defeated the Packers 31-17. The Redskins are taking a break as they enter their bye week. Gruden gave injury updates, including why Trent Williams needed surgery today. He also praised the Alabama Wall(DaRon Payne/Jonathan Allen).

Injury updates:

Trent Williams surgery:

Adrian Peterson:

Geron Christian, Sr.:

”He’s still continuing to progress. He’s getting a lot of work in on scout team and doing some good things. Hopefully he will continue that role and we don’t have to put him in the lineup. I think Morgan [Moses] will be fine, and Trent [Williams] will be fine, but if not, Geron will be ready to roll.”

Not scoring in the 2nd half this season:

”Well, fourth quarter I think we only had five plays, or third quarter. We took a knee there in the red zone, chose to kick a field goal. That was pretty conservative when we were up by 11 and we played good defense, I guess. We do have to try and do a better job of trying to get some points there in the second half.”

Physical team:

Bye week:

Tony Bergstrom/Chase Roullier:

"They did good. I think Tony did a good job and obviously Chase did some good things at guard. There are some things that we have to fix up, but I think that for the first time playing together, those two positions, I think was very good, very positive moving forward. When Shawn [Lauvao] gets back we will address it then, but right now, those two are etched in the lineup. We will see how Shawn is when we get back from the bye.”

DaRon Payne/Jonathan Allen:

"We wanted to get them going. The first couple games we had a rotation going and trying to get their feet wet together, especially Daron, but I think he showed that he can handle the reps and we want to get him out there. We didn’t draft him in the first round to sit by me. We wanted him to play as much as possible and I was impressed with the way that he and Jonathan played, not only at the start of the game, but at the end of the game. They were flying to the football. They were making plays downfield, in the pocket, in the running game. Those two guys together, the vision that we had when we drafted them getting Jonathan and Daron together came to fruition yesterday.”

"I hope so and we’re not down on anybody else, but I think those two guys are special guys and they need to be on the field. We have some other guys that can play without a doubt, but those two guys are first rounders and very talented, so the more they play the better they get. We’ll still work in a rotation from time to time, but for the most part, those two guys will be out there when they are healthy.”