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Redskins vs Packers Jay Gruden Presser: We’ve been a little up and down

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Jay Gruden answers questions about the Redskins 31-17 win over the Packers

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden talked to the media after today’s 31-17 win over the Green Bay Packers. Morgan Moses left the game with a concussion in the only major injury today. He praised the defense, and talked about Alex Smith’s ability to extend plays.

Injury updates:

“The only injury of note is Morgan Moses, concussion. He got evaluated for a concussion [and] stayed out of the game.”

Running game:

“We had a lot of opportunities to get it done, convert on some key third downs, Alex [Smith] with his legs, some other thirds downs. We were able to stay on track and hit some nice jumps. In the fourth quarter there when we needed it the most, Adrian [Peterson] was able to make a big impact.”

Non-stop defense:

“Yeah, Jonathan played good. You know, the whole defensive line, they continued to rush, continued to pressure Aaron [Rodgers] as best they could. They had some great rushes. They had some tough downs in there, but what I liked best about their game today was their nonstop effort. You know, it’s not an easy task to chase that guy around the field all day. They did a great job. [They] gave up some hits in the running game, gave up a couple drives but that’s going to happen when you’re playing Aaron Rodgers. I’m happy most about the way they played and continued to play for four quarters.”

Alex Smith:

Jordan Reed:

“There’s a concerted effort to get Jordan involved every week and really, he’s a great player. We’re trying to manage him early in the season, make sure he gets back to full strength. Whether he’s there or not, you can ask him, but he’s looking better and better each week at practice and helping at the games. It’s good to get Vernon Davis some shot plays down the field. Chris Thompson didn’t show up a lot there, they were doing a good job at covering Chris, but other guys were able to make some plays because of that.”

Aaron Rodgers:


Ryan Anderson, Fullback:

Josh Norman:

Adrian Peterson:

Clay Matthews penalty:

“Well, I think we’ve watched as many videos as we can, but every week there seems to be another one that’s a little bit questionable. That’s not going to change, I don’t think. We just have to continue to coach our guys and try to do the best we can to sweep the leg and make sure we don’t put our bodyweight on the quarterback and don’t lead with our head. That’s the one thing we are trying to do. You know, it’s exciting for those guys when they get back there and are able to hit the quarterback man. Going full speed, it’s hard for them to adjust their bodies – these big guys, fast guys in a split second, but we are trying to do the best we can. Unfortunately, it’s a critical penalty in some of these games that can hurt you.”

Josh Doctson:

“I think it’s big. I think he had a couple big holding calls on him and that’s going to happen. He gets in possession and they either hold him or the other guy’s going to jump over your head. So, they chose the holding route and made some big conversions for us. He’ll get some more opportunities. Second half we didn’t get as many passes thrown, I think we probably only called four or five passes in the second half, but I think Josh will continue to progress and get better and better.”