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Redskins fan confidence was going up ... now it’s going down

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The damage to the psyche of the Redskins fanbase after a 1-1 start is...visible, audible and tangible.

Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

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How confident are Redskins fans in the direction of the team?

Well...that is a hell of a drop in confidence. It’s Carlos Roger-esque. I get it. We all saw the difference in performance from week one to week two, and ahead of a tilt against the Green Bay Packers, it can’t be considered shocking that we’re rattled. I think it’s definitely a case of “we aren’t as good as we looked after week one, but definitely not as bad as we looked after week two.”

God...I hope that is all this is.

Will the Redskins win or lose this week?

NFL odds: Packers 2.5 point favorites over Redskins

Acme Packing Company FanPulse: Packers by 9

Hogs Haven FanPulse: Packers by 4

Let it not be said that Redskins fans are mercilessly homerlicious. Unfortunately...I went Redskins by one!

How would you fix NFL overtime?

This was my vote. I would love to meet the guy who voted for “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”