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After The Whistle: Half Empty Or Half Full?

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The Audible gang gets back together in the Basement to disucss the week that was. It was... not great.

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Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It was a tough week, and this week there was no sugarcoating things in 1st Amendment Sports’ Basement Podcast Studios. Ken shared his first-hand accounts of a palpably different, and by all measures worse showing both on and off the field in Landover last weekend, during a disappointing, frustrating letdown of a home opener against the Colts. To quote this week’s Sixpack: that sucked.

While we generally tend to look at things as a glass half full, this week on Offseason On The Brink we had some genuine, bonafide, honest talk about who these Redskins truly are, and judging by our conversation and the commenters on Facebook Live (thank you all for tuning in once again) this team and this franchise are looking kind of... blah.

In an attempt to look ahead, we discuss what will be improved next week as the Green Bay Packers come to town, and instead of a blanket EVERYTHING, there was good conversation about practical areas where the team can get back on the right side of .500 and keep their lead in the NFC East for another week.

Be sure to check in with us each and every Tuesday on Facebook live and on Soundcloud, and we hope you’ll continue to join in on the conversation along with us as we break down the week that was!