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Alex Smith Redskins Presser: Tale of the season is how you handle wins and losses

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Alex Smith talks to the media before today's practice

Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Alex Smith talked about Sunday's loss to the Colts before the Redskins held practice today. He talked about missed opportunites, dealing with wins and losses, Aaron Rodgers, and more.

Redskins first half:

Redskins 2nd half:

Balance between check downs and throwing downfield:

"Yeah, I mean I think every guy on the team, certainly every guy on offense went through the game and what plays could I have done differently to help us. For me, in the first half of the game is maybe when I went through that in my head. Could I have taken a shot here? You know, all week we talked about being patient. The way they play defense, be patient. Let the shots present themselves. You don’t anticipate in the first half that you’re going to get in the second half and still be trailing. In the second half, very apparent, I mean they were not going to let anything get over their head or get behind them. It was so soft. Hence, a lot of the underneath stuff was open. So, then you do look back at that and you’re like ‘well God maybe this one play in the first half should I have held it a tick longer and taken a shot or could I have looked this off and gone here?’ That’s kind of the game you play with the what-ifs, you know, in a situation like that. It’s hard though when you have limited opportunities. You expected to have more opportunities and we didn’t have them. Then, obviously, in the second half [we] kind of got one-dimensional.”

Michael Floyd/Breshad Perriman:

Aaron Rodgers:

Limited opportunities vs Colts:

Second guessing:

Dealing with a loss:

Jordan Reed:

Starting receivers:

"I think it’s going well. I think it’s going really well. I think it’s hard looking at the numbers with these first two weeks just the defenses we played, the style that they’ve played necessarily hasn’t dictated a lot of balls going outside to those guys. I feel really good about it. Those guys all work extremely hard. They’re all crazy talented. I think it’s one of those things that you just kind of … it’s a process that never ends. You’re constantly working at that. You don’t know when that opportunity is going to present itself. I think all those things, it comes in bunches. You keep working. You never stop no matter what. I mean win, lose, all this stuff, you just kind of … it’s a process that you never stop working at on the field and in the meeting rooms.”