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Redskins Vs. Colts - Studs and Duds

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Were there any studs this week?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Washington Redskins Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

In what was one of the worst home opener performances in years, the Redskins were throttled in all phases of the game Sunday afternoon by the visiting Colts at a half-empty FedEx field. So much for the “Fan Experience” the Skins brass was touting all off-season; there was hardly anyone there to see it. This game resembled more of a Pitt home game that the season opener for the Burgundy and Gold. Hopefully the 25 fans in attendance got their bellies stuffed with that GREAT new menu of over-priced food items, and at least they got to see free fireworks - although NONE were produced by the home team!

Below are my Studs and Duds for the game.


Chris Thompson - The guy was taking an absolute beating underneath on the short passes - yet he hauled them all in, popped up off the ground, and kept coming back for more. He truly is our best offensive weapon.

D.J. Swearinger - At least one Redskin came to play yesterday afternoon. Swearinger wasn’t perfect, but he was all over the field, and recorded two interceptions off Andrew Luck. The leader of the Redskins defense has been just that so far this season.

Mason Foster - The guy was a complete MACHINE! That is all.

Matt Ioannidis - Ioan-Man just keeps showing up, and displaying a relentless motor. Two tackles (one for a loss), a sack and two quarterback hits - pretty nice afternoon.

Jonathan Allen - Much like Ioannidis, Allen was one of the bright spots on defense. He too showed a relentless motor which produced four tackles and two quarterback hits. His presence was certainly felt in the game.


Alex Smith - This is a case where stats definitely don’t tell the whole story. Captain Check-down made his first appearance of the season, and boy was it in GRAND fashion! Some may call this a bit unfair to label the ultra-conservative Smith as a dud after his offensive line stunk it up, and his receivers failed to get open (yet again) - but all we heard all off-season was how Alex would audible to get the team into the correct looks, and if how the play broke down, his legs would carry us.

Well, NONE of that seemed to happen on Sunday. The offensive redzone woes continued for Gruden again, and much of that blame, as it did when Kirk Cousins was here, falls on the quarterback play.

The ENTIRE Redskins Offensive Line - Oh yes, make NO mistake; the entire unit were DUDS! Our All-Pro left tackle - huge DUD. Morgan Moses - awful! Lauvao - complete garbage heap! Scherff and Roullier - they stunk...maybe just not quite as bad as the others; but they stunk none-the-less. Question - how does an NFL offensive line fail to pick up stunts all game WITHOUT making an adjustment? Embarrassing, just plain embarrassing.

The Redskins Wide Receivers - Is it just me, or do these guys have serious issues getting open and/or catching the football? Is Alex maybe afraid to take chances with this group? I’m just completely dumbfounded at this point. And HAVE to come back to the football son! Not just stand there and wait for the ball to come to you! They teach you that in Pop Warner! I could probably cut Paul Richardson some slack, as he’s the only one who seems to get more than a yard of separation.

Ryan Kerrigan - Talk about a major disappearing act...check your milk cartons folks - has anyone seen Ryan Kerrigan? His stat line for the day...1 tackle! How about his stats so far on the season - 1 tackle!...that’s it!

Josh Norman - Someone please remind me again how much we are paying this guy to get abused by T.Y. Hilton? TFF (Tyler Football Focus), had him rated a -2.3 - the lowest of any qualifying corner who played a minimum of 20 snaps.

Dustin Hopkins - I’m REALLY getting sick and tired of the missed field goals and fans defending this guy. Even the kicks he makes you have to hold your breath on half of them. Can the team please bring in Dan Bailey (or someone) for a tryout.

Jay Gruden (and the rest of the GD coaching staff) - Wow, was this embarrassing. You know what’s even more embarrassing? Having to listen to these Gruden pressers after the game. Shut your damn mouth, and FIX the problem! If you can’t, then we need to find someone who can!

And Bill Callahan - you’ve been in the league long it possible for you to make an adjustment so your offensive line can pick up a damn stunt!

Manusky - you sucked too. It’s not too hard to realize Josh Norman can’t cover T.Y. Damn Hilton man-on-man! Holy cow, the entire coaching staff should fire themselves!

Redskins Fans at the Game - One word - EMBARRASSING!


- I was so sick to my stomach after this performance that I couldn’t force myself to watch it a second time.

- Go get Josh Gordon!