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Who's coaching this team?: Redskins running backs coach Randy Jordan

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Redskins running backs coach Randy Jordan is profiled in this brief bio

Chargers v Raiders X

Name: Randy Jordan

Title: Running Backs Coach

Experience: 15 years

Bio: Randy Jordan has put together a nice decade-and-a-half in the NFL so far. First, he had a nine-year career as a running back with the Raiders and Jaguars. Once he played his final season in Oakland in 2002, he immediately joined the Raiders’ staff. He left after one year to coach in the college ranks. Jordan served as running backs coach at three high-profile programs over the next decade—Nebraska, Texas A&M, and his alma mater of North Carolina. He returned to the NFL in 2014, becoming the Redskins’ running backs coach. Jordan has helped shape the careers of several Washington RBs, most recently Chris Thompson, who emerged as a dangerous offensive weapon last season.

Fun Fact: Jordan scored the very first touchdown in the history of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise, a 71-yard reception against the Bengals on September 10, 1995.