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Announcing the (limited) return of the 5 O’Clock Club

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We’ll be here at 5 o’clock, four days per week, throughout the regular season

Washington Redskins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

From late June, 2017 to the end of March, 2018, I hosted the 5 o’clock club daily, seven days per week. While I enjoyed the experience, I found it too daunting to keep up the daily content while also discharging the duties of my full-time job, and enjoying my remaining leisure time. I arranged with Ken to step away from my role as the ‘club’ host a few months ago.

With the new football season upon us, Ken would like to re-start the 5 o’clock club, and I have agreed to resume my hosting duties; however, rather than bringing the club to the site seven times weekly, the 5 o’clock club will be scaled back slightly to 4 days per week. Starting this coming week, the 5 o’clock club will be posted at its usual time from Wednesday to Saturday. I expect the format to remain much the same as it was in the past, with a focus on reader-driven content.

I hope you’ll enjoy the return, albeit on a more limited basis, of this regular feature.

So, I’ll see you here at 5 o’clock on Wednesday!