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Jay Gruden Redskins Presser: Trent Williams doubtful vs Patriots on Thursday

Jay Gruden gives updates before today's practice.

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden answered some questions about the Redskins depth/position battles before today's practice. He also said LT Trent Williams is doubtful for Thursday's game against the Patriots.

Modified schedule due to weather:

“I think I am pretty much a genius because if I kept it in the afternoon we’d have to miss a lot of practice because of the rain, right. That was the other part of it. We wanted to miss the afternoon rain showers and lightning. But, you know, I think it’s still a process here. These guys, I think, come in after, you know, five and a half weeks off, and you’d like to think they’re training but football shape and offseason workouts with their personal trainer are a little bit different. So you’re still going to have some dehydration issues because they’re not playing in this heat, which we’ve had. But we have had - you know it’s hard to gauge. I don’t know if we’ve had improvement in the recovery process or not, but I’d like to think we’ve had. But we still have our issues—pulled hamstrings. We’ve had a calf. We’ve had a couple other dehydration issues. We’ve had some IVs. So those issues still will arise. We just try to educate them as best we can and tell them the importance of rest, sleep and hydration.”

Josh Norman:

Trent Williams:

DL leadership:

Shaun Dion Hamilton:

“Oh yeah you’re right, you know that’s something you just have to listen to your trainers and the team doctors. That’s why we have physicals and every team goes through a physical process and they give you, you know, a best case scenario on whether or not they think he can play long term and everything we had on his knee checked out that he could recover from that thing. Love his natural instincts at the linebacker position watching him on tape, his physicality, but it was matter of in that round I think the risk-reward there was well worth the risk and I think we got a good player because of it.”

Orlando Scandrick:

Shawn Lauvao:

Position battles: