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Jay Gruden Presser: Chris Thompson won't play in Redskins preseason opener vs the Patriots

Jay Gruden gives updates before today's practice.

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden gave more injury updates before today's practice. Chris Thompson will not play in the Redskins first preseason game on Thursday night against the New England Patriots. He is still not 100% after breaking his leg last year. Gruden also talked about why the team ramped up the intensity and tackling during yesterday's practice.

Josh Doctson:

Morgan Moses:

Matt Ioannidis:

Backup tackles protecting Alex Smith:

"Yeah it could have an impact. You know, we’ll see, we have a couple more practices a day. I’ve kind of given a tentative list of who I want in there for the first game and who I may not play the first game. That could change depending on if we lose a couple other guys in practice today or tomorrow, but we’ll play it by ear, see what happens with our tackle situation.”

Chris Thompson:

"Yeah, it’s a normal thing, it’s a normal thing. I think when you see him run around; you can see that he’s got his full strength and mobility back. It’s just, I think it’s now a matter of just slowly getting him into the team periods like we did yesterday and then continue to build off of that on a daily basis. But obviously, I feel like he’s functioning well right now and moving well. He’s strong in pass protection and he’s doing a good job.”

5 RBs on the roster?:

Evaluating the roster:

"It’s all about evaluation for me right now, yeah that’s all we’re doing is practicing against each other, trying to give our guys different looks and put them in situations to have success where we can look at everybody on the field, on the 90-man roster, that’s what our objective is right now. Also, implementing our system and getting a lot of learning from key situational work. As far as getting ready for New England, like I said we’ll have blinked at them a little bit, a couple pre-season games and all that stuff, but that won’t really take place until Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh Arizona [Cardinals]? Arizona - tough, they have a new staff, you know so, we’re trying to gather as much information on what (Head Coach) Coach [Steve] Wilks has done in the past, obviously at Carolina [Panthers]. But, we’ll start that probably - coaches have already started those break downs without a doubt but, we’d like to get a couple games on them in the pre-season just to see what they’re doing.”

Tackling in camp:

Jeremy Sprinkle:

Shaun Dion Hamilton: