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Afternoon Slop: Redskins roster predictions and what to watch for Thur.

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day

NFL: New York Jets at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins 53 man roster prediction and final cuts |

The Redskins go with six corners and four safeties -- three of those corners are rookies, and a fourth, Moreau, played 58 snaps from scrimmage last year as a rookie. There’s a chance they’d add an experienced player after final cuts. Depth is an issue for the entire secondary.

Redskins Rookie Report after the 3rd preseason game |

Two Key Redskins on track to play in week 1 | NBC Sports

“Jordan Reed is getting there,” said Gruden. “I think the more he works the more runs. He had a great day today just getting in and out of his cuts, getting the feel with Alex and the different formations. He’s on pace to be ready.”

Redskins WR competition going down to the wire | NBC Washington

Most view Maurice Harris and Trey Quinn as locks. That may or may not be the case as there are issues with both players’ resumes. Harris can’t seem to shake the injury bug and Quinn has limited utility on special teams except perhaps as a backup returner. So while it wouldn’t be shocking to see one or both of these players cut, the chances are good that both of them stay.

Special Teams make the difference in 4 roster battles to watch Thur. night | NBC Washington

Late last season, Vigil played better in games for the Redskins, and he is able to make defensive calls and be a true backup for Mason Foster. Spaight, however, has more athleticism and can help on special teams. Don’t forget either, if the ‘Skins keep Spaight this year and he leaves next season via free agency (his rookie contract expires after 2018) the Redskins could be in line for a compensatory pick based on where he signs.

Redskins 53 man roster prediction- Offense |

I don’t think keeping 5 running backs was the Redskins initial plan, but I think it’s looking more and more likely. With Peterson just getting going in this offense and not really an every down/formation back, he limits how much the Redskins can rely on him. Chris Thompson is recovering from an injury and not only can’t be counted on for as big of a role this season, but the Redskins are likely to opt to keep a dedicated back-up.

Redskins 53 man roster prediction- Defense |

Anderson has been pretty disappointing though and hasn’t really made much of any impact when he’s been on the field. The hope was that he would really develop in his second season, but right now it’s tough to say there has been much improvement.