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Jay Gruden, Alex Smith, and Adrian Peterson speak after the Redskins loss to the Broncos

Coaches and players speak after the game

NFL: New York Jets at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden, Alex Smith, and Adrian Peterson had pressers after the Redskins disappointing 29-17 loss to the Broncos. Other players were also interviewed after the game.


Adrian Peterson:

Alex Smith:

Adrian Peterson Presser

Felt good:

Season Opener:

AP or AD:

Other RBs:

”Yes. Definitely. This week, its kind of been, you know, having [Robert] Kelley, and [Kapri] Bibbs, those guys kind of talking and I kind of catch them looking at me sometimes you know. And it’s like, hearing some of the stories about who these guys were in high school and in college and how they watch film and highlights of me. That’s why I play the game today, to inspire the young kids. They know me by my game but the adversity and the things we go through, just being strong. To be here and actually have those guys around, those guys that looked up to me, and be able to mentor those guys is a blessing. Everything comes around full circle.

4th down conversion:

”I remember in the huddle, when Alex [Smith] called the play. I was like, ‘Dang you know. Normally I like the lead play just to kind of cram it in there to get the first down.’ But then, I was like, ‘You know what? I’m sure they’re going to stack players to the inside, A gaps and B gaps, trying to take it away. So when he called the play, I just kind of got it into my mind that I was to be patient and watch and see how the play developed. I actually had a two-way go. I could have took it into the C-gap and I almost did. The outside was wide open so I just kind of turned on the speed a little bit.

Got around and tried to make a big play out of it. I got to the sideline and Trent embraced me. And I was like, ‘Man, I should have crossed field.’ And he was like, ‘No, you did good. You did good.’ But I’m always thinking that way. I’m going to the sideline, I’m asking the guys ‘Hey, what do you guys think I could have did better,’ this, that and the other. And I do the same thing for those guys, you know, make sure you come ask me. I’m also going to those guys and telling them what I think they could have done better as well.”


Alex Smith Presser

Performance tonight:

”Not where it needed to be. I would love to have come back and any time you rip off a seven-yard run on the first play, you’re rolling and then all of a sudden you take a sack, put us at third-and-long and start the game with two three-and-outs. It’s tough to get into a rhythm when you do that. We were able to get a little bit going there those last couple drives. Got some good situational work, got a bunch of third downs that we’ll be able to learn from. Two fourth downs, we were able to convert on one.

So there’ll be some stuff for us to look at and I think get better at. You expect to go out and execute. I get that we’re not full-strength, we’re not showing everything, but at the same time, you want to go out there and play your best. So, we’ll learn from it and get better.”

Run game:

Adrian Peterson:

”I thought he did a really nice job -- tall order. The guy just got here, got up to speed fast and all of a sudden he’s getting a bunch of touches in a football game, so I thought he did a great job. Like I said, getting up to speed mentally, knowing what we’re doing – and then I thought going out there and just playing – still looks pretty strong and explosive. I thought it was good to get in a rhythm to see what he can still do.”

”Yeah the one highlight for us probably in the first half was us being able to run the football a little bit. Itwas nice to get into a rhythm. I thought the guys up front – get those five guys back [offensive line] togetherfor the first time – I thought they played great and really set the tone for us, getting us going. So yeah, it wasgood to see.”

Week 1:

Comfort with wide receivers:

”I feel like it’s something that never ends, the work with wide outs, the perimeter and the entire route. Whether it be tight ends, running backs, quarterbacks, it’s something that never ends. You’re constantly working. You’re constantly trying to get better. There’s no place you get to where you’re like all of a sudden, ‘Hey we’re good now, we don’t need to work anymore.’ That’s just not the way it is. We have a group that works really hard. We’ve put in a lot of work together and that’s what it takes, it takes reps, it takes timing.

Like I said, it just never ends, you continuously strive and can work at it. We’ve got a group that does that. They put in the work, they put in the time the attention to detail and like I said it doesn’t stop. Next week it won’t stop and in season you just continuously work on it and try to fine tune.”

Jonathan Allen

DJ Swearinger