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Josh Doctson had swelling in his heel drained

Adjust your freakouts accordingly

Oakland Raiders v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Any time Josh Doctson has a medical procedure done it is going to draw a major reaction from fans. People have been critical of the receiver since his mystery Achilles injury cost him his rookie season with the Redskins.

Doctson had a precautionary MRI done on his sore leg before training camp that immediately raised red flags for many fans. Everything was ok there, but skeptics remain suspicious of the need for an MRI at all.

Doctson hurt his shoulder on the last play of practice Thursday when he was going for a catch in the endzone, and CB Josh Norman landed on him. Doctson tweeted that he was ok, and Jay Gruden said the same thing in today's presser.

NBC Washington's Brian Mitchell now reports that he has also had some swelling in his heel drained. Mitchell said it's like nothing, and spoke about his past playing experience, and othe players currently playing through injuries in camp.