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Jay Gruden Presser: Redskins defeat Jets 15-13

Jay Gruden talks after tonight's game

NFL: New York Jets at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins defeated the New York Jets 15-13 in a low scoring game. Alex Smith made his debut in Burgundy and Gold and ked the team down the field for a field goal. The Redskins had two RBs go down with injury, Byron Marshall(lower leg) and Samaje Perine(ankle).

Samaje Perine/Byron Marshall injuries:

Cam Sims’ performance:

”Yeah exactly, I mean it’s not always going to be perfect in pro football. Sometimes you’re going to have some things happen to you that you didn’t expect but he bounced back and made some big plays. Even the touchdown that was called back was an unbelievable catch. So, I was glad to see him show up. He didn’t hang his head, he just came back and kept fighting. What a great sign for a pro athlete because that will happen from time to time with a key drop.”

Danny Johnson:

”I think what you’re looking for from these young players is when they get their opportunity to play in a team situation or individuals, you see them and you want to see them flash and you want to see them just continue to get better and continue to make the plays that they started to make. And Danny [Johnson] has been consistent you know – he’s been both inside and outside and Cam [Sims] has done a good job in both Xand Z position for us. So, both impressive kids. We got another big game against Denver next week and still some more evaluating time, but very impressed with both of them.”

Kevin Hogan:

Obviously [Kevin] Hogan did a great job leading the troops, Cam [Sims] made a big play, offensive line gave him some protection. Kevin had a big scramble for first down and got out of bounds, so a lot of guys made plays in that drive and it was good to see and of course [Dustin Hopkins] drained the kick.”

Game-winning field goal:

”We evaluate all the situations, so it’s important. It’s a big kick for [Dustin] [Hopkins], a big snap for [Nick] Sundberg, and a big hold for Tress Way. I don’t care, its still good work for them. There’s big time protection on that play. And great situational work for the offensive line, two-minute, handling all the stunts and the new guys are picking those up. Daron [Payne] did a good job throughout the course of the game. He got beat a few times, but finding good things to look at. There are a lot of things to evaluate and it won’t stoptonight. It will just keep going for another two weeks.”

Alex Smith getting hit on his first play:

”I tried to call a simple play, a little bootleg away from all the pressure and he got hit right in the mouth so that was another great call by me [sarcastic tone]. I think he can handle a hit. He’s been playing for 25 years, he’ll be fine.”

Alex Smith’s overall play:

”I thought it was good. The first play was a great play. You know, you always expect the worst case when you do a naked bootleg or a peep around the end. We messed up the block there on the play side that he booted too, but he made a great throw to Paul [Richardson Jr.] and Paul made a good job making something happen. He made a couple other good throws. I was impressed. It was good, a good tempo.”

Cam Sims’ development:

”He’s not developed yet. He’s still as raw as can be. He’s a big, talented guy. He’s got big strong hands, he’s a size mismatch for some of these corners. He can high-point and jump. That’s good. We still got to clean up some of his routes, some of those stems, some of his alignments. But overall, you just look for a young guy like that to make steady progress and he’s done that. And when the ball’s in the air, he’s made more plays than he hasn’t. We’ll keep looking at him. We still have a lot of guys in that receiver room that are impressive to me. He’s one of them.”

Resting starters and their potential injury status:

“[Jamison] Crowder’s got a little bit of a groin he’s been working with. Chris Thompson is obviously still recovering. Same with Jordan Reed, same with Trent Williams. I think those are the big four, right?”

RB depth:

“We’re still in the process of trying to figure that out. Rob Kelley and [Samaje] Perine. We wanted to get Samaje some good looks, he got hurt on his first run. Had a great run. 30-yard run but hurt his ankle. I wanted to try and get a good look at Byron and he kind of got dinged up there. Rob Kelley got a few touches and obviously, Martez [Carter] had a couple good looks. Kapri Bibbs continues to be consistent. His job is protecting, running routes and running the ball. It’ll be a tough deal for us to figure that all out but we will.”

Game clips: