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Jay Gruden Redskins Presser: Fights with Jets unfortunate, Players could get fines/suspensions if they keep happening

Jay Gruden gives updates before today's practice.

NFL: Washington Redskins-Minicamp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden talked about the big story from camp yesterday, numerous fights between Redskins and Jets players, including a brawl that spilled into the fan area. The team has been told there could be fines and/or suspensions if more fights happen over the next two days of joint practices. He also gave some injury updates and talked about the NFL's new helmet rule with referees in Richmond for camp practices today.

Redskins vs Jets fights:

Morgan Moses:

"Morgan was a little hot. He was a little heated and wanted to get him calm down a little bit. He took a shot on the sideline and he’s got a couple of bad ankles and he took offense to it. I didn’t think he was going to get much work done that day so we just wanted to get him in here cooled down and get his ankles looked at.”

Injury updates:

Terrelle Pryor's injury last year:

"I think he probably knows that better than I do, but he only played in what, five games? So, obviously a lot you know so, and then those five games he played, I’m not sure how that injury affected him running. I know that he wasn’t running as fast as he normally does because probably that injury so, I’m sure it had a major effect on him.”

New NFL helmet rule: