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Jordan Reed feels 100 times better going into Redskins training camp after multiple toe surgeries

Reed feels like a rookie again

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jordan Reed has been phenomenal on the field for the Redskins when he's healthy. The problem has always been he hasn't been on the field enough due to multiple injuries throughout his 5 years in the NFL. Reed dealt with various injuries last season, but his toe injury affected him all year, and led to multiple surgeries during the offseason.

Jordan Reed made the decision to get a stem cell shot in his toe that did not work out as planned. He eventually had to have sesamoid surgery on both big toes.

“I worked real hard in May [2017] and I was feeling really good during OTAs. My toe was kind of bothering me a little bit, so I said I was going to get a stem cell shot in my toe.

”I went and got a stem cell shot on my own and that really aggravated the toe a lot worse, and the whole month of July I couldn’t run. Couldn’t really walk. That just set me back coming into the season. So it was a bad month, a bad choice, poor decision getting that shot.”

A healthy Jordan Reed is obviously a big boost for Jay Gruden's offense. The Redskins upgraded their run game by selecting Derrius Guice in this year's draft. New QB Alex Smith would love to have a reliable Reed as an option on every play.

“I didn’t feel myself the whole year. That’s why I had to get the surgery and have the bone removed. I’m feeling 100 times better.

”I can tell a difference because with the toes it was pain. I had pain all season, all offseason, and that pain was shutting down certain parts of the body that I needed. So you remove the pain and now I’m building my body back up and feeling great again.”