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Redskins Season Predictions: Jordan Reed will Catch 55-60 Passes for 600+ Yards and 6 Touchdowns

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Jordan Reed and his “availability” have been a very sore subject for Redskins fans since he signed his contract extension in 2016. Over those past two seasons, Reed has appeared in just 18 games, with 13 starts. He corralled 93 receptions for 897 yards and 8 touchdowns over that same span - stats that one would think he’d accumulate over a full 16 game season.

Alas, Reed’s inability to stay healthy has greatly limited his productivity, and with the team paying him nearly $9.5 million per season, fans are not happy with the return on investment from the player Jay Gruden says the offense runs through.

It has been reported that Reed looks noticeably bigger this offseason, and he will need the added mass if his body hopes to endure the rigors of a full 16 game season (...I am joking here, as just 12 games would be welcome).

Watching what Alex Smith did the last two seasons with Travis Kelce gives fans the warm and fuzzies. Kelce averaged 84 receptions, for 1082 yards and 6 touchdowns. Granted he played in 16 and 15 games respectively (something Reed has never done in his 5 year career), but Skins fans do understand how much of a mismatch nightmare Reed can be when he’s on the field, and are praying for anything near that type of production.

Unfortunately, I do not see Jordan Reed playing in more than 11 games in 2018. I think he’ll be a weapon in those games he plays in, but the numbers will just not be there over the course of a full season.

Jordan Reed 2018 Season Predictions:

10.5 games played

58 receptions

630 yards

6 TD’s