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Tweet of the Day: Is QB coach Kevin O’Connell Jay Gruden’s replacement?

Washington Redskins v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Jay Gruden has made the shortlist of several pundits’ “Coaches on the Hotseat” lists this offseason. There’s some speculation that Gruden could be axed if the Redskins have another disappointing season in 2018.

Quarterbacks coach Kevin O’Connell, who is younger than Alex Smith (33) and played in the NFL as recently as 2012, is considered a rising star by some close to the organization. O’Connell could be promoted after the season, regardless of whether Gruden stays on as head coach or not.

Do you think Gruden’s job is fairly safe in 2018 even if the Redskins fail to make the playoffs, or is he definitely on the hotseat?