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Redskins Discussion Question: Schedule trap games and games the Redskins can ‘steal’

A look at the Redskins 2018 schedule

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Every year when the schedule comes out fans always look to do schedule predictions to see what their team’s record could be in the upcoming season. While it’s pretty tough to completely accurately predict the outcome of each game, it can give an early look at a general feel of your team’s outlook. I want to look at two potential trap games and two potential games where the Redskins can get the upset. In the comments below tell me your games to be wary of or the games you feel extra confident about.

Trap Games:

Week 2 vs Indianapolis Colts:

-On paper this looks like an easy win, the Colts were simply terrible last season and they didn’t make much of a splash in free agency this offseason. The Redskins though need to be concerned if Andrew Luck shows that he’s healthy in camp/preseason. Luck has dealt with some serious injuries in his career, but when he’s been close to full health he’s shown plenty of flashes as to why he was so hyped entering the league. This could be a dangerous game if the Redskins are perhaps overlooking the Colts as they have a tough 3-4 game stretch after this week. If Washington comes out flat, and Luck is at the helm of the Colts it could spell trouble in the Redskins home opener.

Week 13 vs New York Giants:

-The Giants were another one of the worst teams in the league last year and this game near the end of the year at home should hopefully be a win for the Redskins, but to me it looks like a trap game. While the Giants might not be a top contending team, they should be better this season given their impressive young core of offensive skill players and finally some investment on the offensive line. What makes this game particularly concerning is where it falls in the Redskins schedule. They will be coming off a short week after playing the Eagles the week before on Monday night and have what looks like three really tough games at the Jaguars, Titans before finishing at home vs the Eagles after this week.

Surprise Games:

Week 3 vs Green Bay Packers:

-It’s never an easy call to pick against Aaron Rodgers, but I think the Redskins can score another home victory Green Bay. I see a Packers team that has some concerns with their offensive skill players and offensive line around Rodgers. The Packers defense finally got some improvements this offseason, but it’s still probably a below average unit, especially early in the year before their rookies can make an impact. This won’t be an easy win, but I think it’s one the Redskins can steal.

Week 5 vs Carolina Panthers:

-The Panthers were 11-5 last season, and that was the Panthers 3rd season with 11 or more wins in the last 5 years. The problem is the Panthers are also very streaky as those other two seasons the Panthers finished below .500. In addition to being streaky year-to-year, the Panthers have shown themselves to be streaky within seasons as well. Last year they started out 4-1, but their actual performance in those early games was pretty rough and it could have easily been a much worse record. The Redskins I think match-up well versus Carolina on both sides of the ball, and don’t be surprised if Josh Norman looks for some payback in this game.

So what do you think? What games would you put in the two categories?