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Redskins Season Predictions: Trent Williams Will Start all 16 games, and make First Team All-Pro

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Twice in his career, Trent Williams has started all 16 of the Redskins games at left tackle (2012, 2013). Last season, injuries forced him to IR, but this is not a common occurrence for him. Williams is known to be a guy who plays through pain. From 2012-2016, he has missed just three games due to injury. 2017 was different however.

Trent Williams on his 2017 knee injury:

“I haven’t really had to deal with anything like this in my career,” Williams said. “Usually I just fight through something for a couple weeks and eventually it’ll heal. But this one is a little different. I’m taking it week by week.”

Head coach Jay Gruden has said the team does not expect Williams to be ready until late July, but the Redskins have no concerns about his week one status.

Williams, who had patella knee surgery on December 29th, is expected to miss 5-6 months while recovering. This is the first major surgery of his career.

The soon-to-be 30 year old left tackle is a six time Pro Bowler (2012-2017), and a second team All Pro (2015). Despite being considered one of the best left tackles in the game over the last six seasons, one recognition that has escaped him is a place on the All-Pro first team.

It has been reported that Williams is already looking great in his recovery, and is well ahead of schedule. Gruden mentioned in a recent press conference that he saw Trent squatting five or six hundred pounds just the other day - which has to be welcome news for Redskins fans.

Trent had this to say about his recovery:

“I believe I’m ahead of where I’m supposed to be,” Williams told in an interview. “So that’s encouraging, but I still have to tell myself every day that I don’t really have to be ready until September. Although I am healing pretty quickly, I’m still trying to take it slow and make sure I’m 100 percent.”

Trent Williams Season Predictions:

16 games started

1 sack allowed

2018 First Team All-Pro

2018 Pro Bowl