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Redskins Season Predictions: Zach Brown Will Have Over 140 Combined Tackles, Three Sacks

Washington Redskins v Seattle Seahawk Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Fresh off an offseason that saw him get a new three-year contract worth $24 million dollars, Redskins middle linebacker Zach Brown is poised for a big year as the leader of the Redskins defense.

The 28 year old athletic freak has spent the offseason preparing both his mind and body for the rigors on the upcoming NFL season. He missed voluntary OTA’s as he was moving to the area, and also chose to spend more time with his family, including a trip to Disney World. He has also reportedly shed a few pounds this offseason, and plans to play the season around 240 pounds.

What does all this mean for his productivity?

Last season, in 13 games, Brown had 127 total tackles and 2.5 sacks. He totaled nearly 10 tackles per game, and before injury, he was among the top two tacklers in the league. Had he played a full 16 games, he would have likely led the league in total tackles.

What we get from Brown is a sideline-to-sideline linebacker, who can pack a thump when he hits you. He has the speed to run with running backs and tight ends in the passing game, and can quickly drop into zone coverage and read a quarterbacks eyes. He often gets labeled as a pure run-stuffing inside backer, but he has shown his ability to be effective in coverage over his six year career (he’s recorded 7 career interceptions and 2 touchdowns).

I love the impact Brown adds to our front seven. He should be even more comfortable in year two in Washington, and should be able to play more freely without having to think too much about his responsibilities.

Zach Brown 2018 season predictions:

145 total tackles

3 sacks

1 interception