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Redskins Replacement Champions get their Super Bowl Rings

Anything else going on in Washington right now?

The Washington Redskins have finally honored the replacement “scab” players that went 3-0 start to start their 1987 championship season. They received Super Bowl rings today to recognize their contributions during the strike shortened season.

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Around D.C. and in Redskins fan circles, the story is well known. The Scabs finished their stint 3-0 in weeks 4 through 6 upsetting three straight division rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Giants, and Dallas Cowboys, to improve the Redskins’ record to 4-1. Following that stretch, the starters returned late in October against the New York Jets and subsequently carried the baton the rest of the way en route to a Super Bowl title. In a season that could have easily blown up in the Redskins face due to the strike and a good portion of top players returning league-wide, the replacement players kept the mission of the organization afloat in one of the greatest upsets in NFL history.