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A Closer Look At Ranthony Texada With Frogs O’ War

Hogs Haven Asks Frogs ‘O War About The Redskins New Talent At CB

Kansas State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

This series asks more detailed questions about the newest Redskins. This year I had the pleasure of asking the writers at Frogs O’ War about a Redskins draft pick. Jamie Plunkett gave us some great information regarding new Redskins CB Ranthony Texada.

Cadillactica: Ranthony is not a player I think many Skins fans will be familiar with so could you tell us a bit more about him as a player and his role on the TCU defense and how he contributed to it being one of the best in the BIG 12 and in the country?

Jamie Plunkett: Ranthony has been one of the best cover corners in the Big 12 for the past three seasons. In TCU’s 4-2-5 defense, corners are often called upon to play man coverage with little-to-no help over the top. Texada’s abilities allowed him to excel in TCU’s defense, to the tune of 14 pass breakups in 2017 alone.

Cadillactica: Can you tell us a bit about his skill set? He looks to be on the smaller side but has put up impressive pass defended numbers do you think he can play outside and inside in the NFL? Does he have any position versatility?

Jamie Plunkett: Texada's size is on the smaller end, yes, but physically he sizes up pretty close to another former TCU corner - Jason Verrett. Of course, Verrett is a first-round draft pick, and Texada is a UDFA, but there are definitely similarities in their games, simply because of their size. Texada has incredible speed and fluid hips. He reads quarterbacks well and isn’t afraid to go up against bigger receivers. Because of his size, he’s probably best suited to be a slot corner in the NFL, but he has the skill set to play outside as well, even with his size working against him.

Cadillactica: Does he have any qualities that would endear him to Redskins fans? We like corners with toughness and durability who can tackle and who attack the ball in the air.

Jamie Plunkett: Texada plays with a fire that few can match, and he’s not afraid to stick his nose in the fray. He’s incredibly tough, and he plays fearlessly. He tackles well, and has learned how to compete with taller receivers for balls in the air (14 PBUs in 2017, 30 for his career). Durability is a bit of an issue for Texada though. He tore an ACL in 2015, which took him out for the majority of TCU’s season, and has been banged up in seasons since, although he hasn’t missed too much time.

Cadillactica: The Redskins have a need at slot corner after trading Kendall Fuller in the offseason just how much of a shot do you think Texada has competing against Josh Holsey (2017 7th rounder) and Greg Stroman (2018 7th rounder) to push for that slot role? Even if he doesn’t win it does he have a skill set that can translate to special teams that may keep him around?

Jamie Plunkett: He’ll have a good shot because of his speed, but he is a bit smaller than both Holsey and Stroman. Texada has proven time and time again though that his size isn’t going to keep him from competing, and he’s been a starter for his entire career to this point. It’s a testament to his willpower and determination, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he wound up on the roster. Texada played special teams for a while at TCU in his first few seasons, and was one of the bigger impact players there, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him take on that role again at the next level, as he works his way on to the roster.

Cadillactica: This draft was very deep at the corner position so I am not surprised that Texada wasn't drafted. Were you? Where do you view his ceiling as a player?

Jamie Plunkett: I wasn’t terribly surprised Texada went undrafted, simply because of his size. If he was two inches/20 pounds bigger, he would have probably been drafted somewhere around the 5th round. I think he has the ability to be a contributor on a defense from the slot corner spot, adding quality depth to a team’s secondary while making contributions on special teams.

Cadillactica: If you had to pick a single word or short phrase to describe him what would it be?

Jamie Plunkett: Determined. Texada doesn’t let anything/anyone get in his way.

Thanks to Jamie again for his time. Texada is one of the more intriguing UDFA signings the Redskins have made. He has had a productive career and as Jeremy has said if he were bigger he might have been drafted. The slot CB position will be one to watch between Texada, Greg Stroman, and Joshua Holsey.