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A Closer Look At Trey Quinn With Underdog Dynasty

Hogs Haven Asks Underdog Dynasty About The Redskins New Talent At WR

SMU v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This series asks a few more detailed questions about the newest Redskins. This year I had the pleasure of once again asking the writers at Underdog Dynasty about a Redskins draft pick. Nicholas Armstrong gave us some great information regarding new Redskin WR Trey Quinn.

Cadillactica: The Redskins made Trey Quinn Mr. Irrelevant by selecting him with the last pick of the draft. Having seen Quinn play and being aware of his prolific production I was shocked that he slid but ecstatic that he is now a Redskin could you tell us a bit more about Quinn? His transfer journey, the offense he played in at SMU and his role in it?

Nicholas Armstrong: Quinn was a highly touted recruit out of high school in Louisiana. He was a 96 rated player from 247 showing all the great traits of being a top wide receiver. When he got to LSU, he was used sparingly with flashes of greatness, but could not get any meaningful time on the field. He sat out a year and transferred to the SMU, in a conference known for their explosive offenses. When he got meaningful playing time, he was wildly successful. The style of offense Chad Morris ran at SMU really fit his style of play. He instantly became the most productive receiver from a statistical aspect, but is wildly overlooked due to the AAC not being considered a “Power Conference”. But trust me, he’s a very solid player and I’m shocked he fell so far.

Cadillactica: The starters at WR on the Redskins are set with Josh Doctson, Paul Richardson, and Jamison Crowder. Quinn will have a lot of competition between the other receivers on the roster and all the other UDFA receivers brought in. Do you think Quinn has a good shot of making the final 53 as the 5th or 6th WR? If so why?

Nicholas Armstrong: I would surely say he has a good opportunity to make the roster out of camp. I think Alex Smith is the perfect QB for Quinn. While he may not start right away, I think Quinn is an instant help on special teams. I see him earning his way up in order to get meaningful time on offense.

Cadillactica: Can you tell us more about Quinn as a player and teammate? Is he as good as his production suggests? What does he do really well? Does he have versatility on the outside and inside? What does he need to work on? How is he as a teammate etc.?

Nicholas Armstrong: From everything I have heard, Quinn is a great teammate. There are no character issues or him having an inflated head. I think that may be due to him learning from adversity. He had to transfer from LSU to SMU. While SMU is a solid program in a good conference, he was supposed to be the star at a blue-blood program. But, he is absolutely as good as his production suggests. He, many times, bailed out Sutton when he was failing to perform. The ability was always there for Quinn and his numbers finally showed it. Quinn played exceptionally well against zone coverage, has great hands, and has worked both as a slot and as an outside receiver. One area of concern is the fact that he only played well for one year against worse defensive backs (for the most part). Is he a one trick pony? Only time can tell that.

Cadillactica: Courtland Sutton got all the attention down there at SMU but in certain aspects, it seems as if Quinn was the more polished player. Is Quinn just a security blanket type player or can he be a gamechanger? How to do think his skillset will translate to the NFL?

Nicholas Armstrong: Quinn is definitely more of a security blanket, but he can absolutely be a game changer. Sutton did get much of the attention, and rightfully so. But there were times where Sutton couldn’t do anything against higher level competition. Quinn was there for QB Ben Hicks when Sutton failed to produce. Hicks had immense trust in Quinn that he would end up getting most of the targets during games where he dropped back 40-50 times. He will most likely translate as a bigger slot receiver.

Cadillactica: If you can to compare Quinn to any other WR in the league who would it be and why?

Nicholas Armstrong: compares him to Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, Adam Humphries. I think that’s a fair comparison. They’re similar in the way that they’re not top end receivers but have enough talent to be a solid starter.

Cadillactica: If you had to pick a word or short phrase to describe him what would it be?

Nicholas Armstrong: Determined and perseverant. Adversity comes from all different kinds of backgrounds. He was a success, then a failure, and then a success again. I think that perseverance is going to help him on his journey.

Thanks to Nick for another great Q&A. As a few of you saw I was super excited for the Redskins to select Quinn with the last pick in the 7th round. I think he has a solid shot to make the roster and depending on how things shake out with the WR position on the team over the next few years I think he has a pretty high ceiling as well if he gets a chance to be featured in the offense.