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Offseason On The Brink: Mocking Bad

2012 NFL Draft - First Round

The Audible gang regathers again this week to discuss what we readily acknowledge is a very long period between the opening of free agency and the upcoming NFL draft. But this week we take time to discuss this year’s iteration of the SB Nation writer’s draft, in which Hogs Haven was represented by our very own Ken Meringolo!

If you’ve tuned in to Offseason On The Brink at all for the last month and a half, or if you happen to get into a conversation with Kevin about anything at all, you’ll know the conversation will inevitably turn to the apple of our eye, Vita Vea, whom everyone (except evidently for T) knows is who we hope can provide some added beef to our defensive interior. Honestly, at this point if he doesn’t end up in Burgundy and Gold it’s going to get a little awkward in the basement.

In the mock Draft, Ken skirted having to make a tough decision if near-consensus top pick Wyoming’s Josh Allen somehow fell to Washington at pick 13, but it opened us up more generally to discuss what the Redskins strategy looks like going forward. We know that Alex Smith is our signal caller for (hopefully) at least the next three seasons, but could, and should, the Redskins consider using a draft pick on a young project player who could benefit under Smith’s tutelage for the next few seasons?

Thanks as always to everyone who chimed in on Facebook live. Be sure to follow Hogs Haven and 1st Amendment Sports to stay up to date on all of our audio and video shows each week.