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Rumor: Dan Snyder is furious with Bruce Allen, the Redskins need to win or he's getting reassigned

Is this real life?

NFL: International Series-Washington Redskins Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins have employed Bruce Allen in some capacity since late 2009 and their record hasn't exactly been a winning one. Allen recently spoke about the importance of winning for QBs, but the Redskins haven't been a winning organization under his guidance as the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg recently pointed out:

• Gruden — whom I like, and who I think has done a good job — has a won-loss record of 28-35-1, for a winning percentage of .445.

• Daniel Snyder has a won-loss record of 132-171-1, for a winning percentage of .436.

• Allen — called by Snyder “the personification of an NFL winner” on his official team bio — has a 52-75-1 record in Washington, and a winning percentage of .410.

Chris Russell joined the Junkies on 106.7 the Fan this morning and dropped a rumor/report that will be filed in the wait and see folder.

“This is going to be an interesting thing to watch out for,” Russell told The Sports Junkies Wednesday morning. “I’m told that Dan is furious with Bruce. He is very, very, very frustrated with the leadership of the organization and the constant embarrassments, PR-wise. Of course, not winning enough to justify anything on the field. The McCloughan situation. Bypassing better coaches, i.e. Wade Phillips. That type of thing. It’s been a cumulative thing. “

Russell also said Snyder was in "wait and see" mode with a long term deal for former Redskins franchise QB Kirk Cousins. He was then very much in favor of getting a deal done and became frustrated with the setbacks, and the media/fan backlash.

He then went on to say Snyder could make a big move if the wins don't happen this year, or the team is embarrassed again. Bruce Allen could be reassigned to stadium development, and Redskins contract guru and Senior Vice President Of Football Operations/General Counsel Eric Schaffer would then take over Bruce's role(General Manager-ish).

This a big rumor and obviously has to be taken as such at this point. There have been reports in the past about Snyder's frustrations with the direction of the team and fan reactions. Snyder was famously frustrated after the 2014 season which saw Allen take the power back after Mike Shanahan was fired. The Redskins went out and hired Scot McCloughan to put a respected personnel guy in the spotlight, and to push a new direction for the team. That lasted less than two years before he was fired and Doug Williams was promoted to a role that's not really GM.

Eric Schaffer is held in high regard in the Redskins organization and has been mentioned before as a GM candidate so the move makes sense if they want a newish direction. This outcome obviously means a really bad season for the Redskins which most fans dont actually want to happen. But change has to happen if the Redskins can't rise above average soon.