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Redskins Free Agency Rumors: Phil Taylor will be re-signed to 1-year deal

Big Phil is back

Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Redskins will reportedly bring back DT Phil Taylor on a 1-year deal. Taylor was with the Redskins in training camp and during the preseason last year before injury his left quad against the Bengals. The Redskins were impressed with Taylor’s performance with the team in his attempted comeback in the NFL. Taylor is a former 1st round pick who saw his career impacted by several injuries. He hasn’t played in a regular season game since 2014.

The Redskins have been looking for veteran defensive line help since free agency started, but have not been able to sign any of the players they have been interested in. Taylor will likely sign another minimum salary benefit contract with the Redskins to attempt another comeback, and prove he can still play, and stay healthy. This is a low-risk signing for the Redskins that won’t change any plans they still have in free agency or the draft.

7 months out from torn quad! What’s another comeback!!

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