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Pick-3 draft prediction contest - and the winner is...

Marooook! sets the bar high by correctly predicting 4 of the Redskins 8 draft picks!

North Carolina v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

The Redskins made 8 draft picks, and the Pick-3 contest winner correctly projected four of the eight players selected, getting two of them in the correct round (Tim Settle in Round 5 and Greg Strohman in Round 7).

Marooook! got off to a fast start by correctly projecting Derrius Guice and Da’Ron Payne, though he got the order reversed, projecting the running back in the the 1st round and the defensive lineman in the 2nd. That earned him ten points, putting him in a tie for 7th place after the Friday round of the draft. He pulled out to a lead when he was one of two entrants to correctly predict that Tim Settle would be the Redskins’ 5th round selection (7ribery71 was the other).

Marooook! ran away with the contest, scoring big by being one of four players to correctly predict that Greg Stroman would be drafted by the Redskins in the 7th round. The 25 points earned from that pick pushed his point total to 51, separating himself from the rest of the competitors.

Delaware v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Here’s a look at the top scorers in the contest, each of whom correctly projected at least two players drafted by the Redskins this weekend:

Please note: as always, I use a spreadsheet and visual scanning for scoring, as my supercomputer is being repaired. If anyone spots an error in my score calculation, please feel free to point it out to me in the comments section so that I can fix it and offer an apology.

jrob269 placed second by correctly projecting Greg Stroman in the 7th round, and also picking Derrius Guice as the 1st round pick, and naming Tim Settle, but incorrectly assigning him to the 6th round. The 10 points earned from Guice and Settle gave jrob269 an impressive 35 point total.

gavalon was the only entrant aside from Marooook! to correctly predict 4 of the Redskins draft picks. He scored 6 points by correctly naming Da’Ron Payne as the Redskins first round pick, and added 5 points by virtue of having Derrius Guice’s name also listed among the three players named for the first round. By naming Tim Settle in the 2nd round and Trey Quinn in the 6th, he added another 10 points to finish with 21 points.

Rocca put up 30 points by predicting Greg Stroman in the 7th (25 points), but putting Tim Settle’s name one round too late, in the 6th (5 points).

ViennaRed also had 30 points, and he also managed that through degree of difficulty, picking up 5 points for listing Derrius Guice in the 1st round and 25 points for putting Greg Stroman’s name in the 7th.

The prize

Here’s a reminder of the incredible prize on offer in the Pick-3 contest:

Any contest is only as good as the value of the prize for winning, so here’s the deal; the winner will be entitled to the same ‘great’ prize as last year. Once you’ve been named the winner, make an appointment with me, show up in Bangkok, and I’ll buy drinks for the two of us all night long at the bar or pub of your choice.

Hopefully Marooook! has a plane or boat ticket to Bangkok, as I now owe him a night of drinks. This would probably be a good place to mention that the prize is not transferable, though, since SkinsaneAsylum hasn’t yet collected his winnings from the 2017 contest, maybe the two of them will want to travel together.

I’m excited that Marooook! and so many others were successful at projecting the Redskins 2018bdraft picks, but I’m even more excited for the eight young men who are now Washington Redksins, and for the impact I expect this draft class to have on the team. Congratulations to all of them.

The NFC East is on notice; there’s a bully been built in DC, and we’re coming after the division title! HTTR!!!