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Jay Gruden: We feel very good about the Redskins draft class

Jay Gruden talks about the draft

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Draft board:

Troy Apke:

“I think he improved as the season went on, I think he’s a very good safety. He’s got great range. You’ve seen him fill in run support and I think he’s going to get better and better. I think the sky’s the limit for him as a player. You know, anybody who can run 4.3 – whatever it is, 4.32, I think it was? Short shuttle, I think he’s right around 4.0. He’s still learning the position. He takes good angles to the football and he’s not afraid. And he’s great on special teams, so it was a win-win not only as a safety but as a special teams player. I think he’ll fit right in.”

Tim Settle:

“That’s what it boils down to, really. He was highly ranked on our board and he was still there and, you know, a lot of times you want to go by all the work you put in in the offseason. Scouts put a lot of work in. Kyle Smith did a great job and the rest of the scouts, so he’s another big body that can rush the passer a little bit and he’s really good against a run. So, I’ve said it before, you can never have too many big bodies. He’s a talented kid to add to the mix with the other guys that we have here. I think he’ll be good.”

Defensive Line depth:

“It’s important. It’s very, very important to have those big guys that can be interchangeable and not just be a one position, one-trick pony. Subbing guys in and out and keeping them fresh throughout the course of the football game, whether you dress five defensive lineman or sometimes six, a good, sound rotation is what you are looking for with big guys that are very talented that can multitask and do different things.”

Greg Stroman:

“Yeah, I think last year we did not have anybody that could back up Jamison [Crowder], really. DeAngelo Hall took some there at the very end and right now on our roster we really don’t have anybody that can catch a punt other than Jamison, so it was very important for us to address that. So with Greg and with Trey [Quinn], the last pick here, both of them have punt return experience, so that was good. And Greg is also a good corner.”

Punt returners:

Shaun Dion Hamilton:

Draft class:

Alabama connection:

Undrafted free agents: